Holiday Activities For The Kids

Holiday Activities For The Kids

Christmas planning can be hectic. You have to consider the presents, decorations, and what to cook for Christmas. But do not forget about the days before Christmas, remember to spend time with your family, especially the kids. You may have focused too much on preparing the things that need to be prepared for Christmas that you forget to actually enjoy the holidays and their essence.

There are many ways to make the holidays special and fun.  One way to make Christmas more exciting for your kids is by giving them letters from Santa. For your family, you can throw a Christmas party perhaps. If you want to know more, here are some holiday activity ideas.

Get a Christmas card.

Take a photo as a family for your Holiday cards. Be creative in capturing the picture. You can take a picture outside the house, use props or decorations or wear matching outfits. Send these to your friends, your kids’ teachers, and your extended family; Grandma would certainly look forward to this one.

Bake Pastries

You will surely enjoy this activity, especially since you can eat your outputs afterward. You can bake cookies, cupcakes, cakes, donuts, and tarts. You can bake these together with the older kids. As for the young ones, let them decorate the desserts. They will surely have fun mixing and matching the different fillings, frostings, and toppings.

Secret Santa

Everyone loves secret Santa. At the beginning of December, write your names on a piece of paper, fold them, gather them, and pick them randomly. Prepare a present for the person you got and have an exchange gift on Chr8sitmas eve or when you open the presents. For the kids to look forward to this, you can put a wishlist with your names so that your secret Santa will have an idea of what you want for Christmas.

Build a snowman

You are missing out if you are not building snowmen during the holidays. It’s like not having popcorn while watching a movie. Building snowmen are a must. This classic activity is a good one to add to your family traditions. Make a very beautiful snowman using decorations, make an army of mini snowmen or make a very big one. To make it more thrilling, you can even make a snowman-building contest.


Another fun activity that your kids can do is making a snow globe. Making one doesn’t have to be hard and expensive. Just give them a mason jar, fake snow, and some decorative pieces, and you’re done.

Ice Skating

Another activity that would be fun to do with your family is ice skating. Go to an ice skating rink and even have a small party there. Ice skating is a great way to have and catch up with each other. You can also invite some of your kid’s friends so that they have someone who can play within the same age group.

Make ugly sweaters

Creating ugly sweaters is one of the most fun activities you can do because it allows you to get creative and make your project as silly as you want. There are no criteria you need to follow, so you, especially your kids, will certainly enjoy this activity. After making ugly sweaters, you can take a family photo or even make one for your grandma. Grandma would definitely love the sweaters her grandkids made.


Another outdoor activity you can do during the holidays is sledding. For this activity, you don’t have to go to an area dedicated to sledding. As long as there is a pile of snow that your kids can sled on, they are good to go. Just make sure that the size of the hill is safe enough for your kids.

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