10 Hidden Games on Steam for Free That Went Unfairly Unnoticed

Hidden Games on steam for free
Hidden Games on steam for free

The assortment of material coming to Steam is absolutely monstrous. Already only when their famous seasonal offers are thrown at us, the platform becomes a compulsive festival of games that you only know by the title. Or even more, that they sound remote because someone told you they were fine. Imagine if we extend the range of action to the full catalog of games available on Steam. We are all aware that there must necessarily be high-quality hidden games on steam for free under the radar.

Without the slightest intention of being completists, we are going to try to put a minimum, tiny remedy to that situation. We have selected a few Steam games that we think are of high quality and may have gone unnoticed. Some of them will have had a certain echo among some sectors of the public press, but they have not become best sellers. Others are dark secrets shared by a few initiates. In any case, they have not been the success they deserve and we will try to remedy it, with this selection of 17 hidden games on Steam for free.


Hidden Games on Steam for Free

Down below, we have mentioned all the hidden gems that went unnoticed by us gamers. These hidden games on steam are for free, so you don’t need to worry about money.

Baba is You (2019)

This recent quirky indie marvel from Finnish Arvi Teikari flirts with the idea of ​​giving the player the ability to write down the rules of the game, represented in words written on the tile. The elements of screens remotely inspired by the classic ‘Zelda’ dungeons, but with a more analog aroma, such as Baba himself, a flag to be found, or the walls and enemies, are mutating at the rhythm imposed by the player. A very complicated gem to describe and that shows that there is always room to find new ways to play.

DYO (2018)

This game on steam for free can be played alone but its true meaning is with two people collaborating so that a pair of minotaurs find the exit to each of the Greco-Latin-inspired mazes that the game proposes. The screen is divided into two, and each of the players can either move around their sector or make the two screens come together, opening pathways, overcoming obstacles, and helping others. Perfect for four-handed games. And free!

Dragon’s Dogma (2012)

Hidden Games on Steam for Free

In this selection, there is space for all kinds of games on steam for free. And although the category of “hidden gems” usually applies to indies and tiny games that pass under the radar, we can not ignore ‘Dragon’s Dogma’, which some provocateur has described as “the good Dark Souls “. Its persistent and open world, impressive even today, is reminiscent of other titanic efforts in creating fantasy scenarios such as ‘Oblivion’, while the combat system sometimes brings to mind the famous From Software saga, albeit with the less pronounced masochistic overtones.

 Lair of the Clockwork God (2020)

Can a game be both a platform arcade and a point-and-click adventure? ‘Lair of the Clockwork God’ is accomplished simply by juxtaposing both genres without being artificial. The protagonists, Ben and Dan, each play one of the styles, but what they do in the old-school puzzles influences the frantic platform, and vice versa. A game that strives to be unclassifiable and achieves this thanks to its mechanics and its splendid sense of humor, perhaps the most classic element in all of Macedonia.

Lisa: The Painful (2014)

hidden games on steam for free

Another marvel brimming with slime and ugly graphics programmed in RPGMaker. This game provides the best of two worlds (2D pseudo platform environments and turn-based role-playing combat) to portray a post-apocalyptic world without compassion or hope. We will give life to a very bad looking middle-aged man who goes out to the moor to look for his adoptive daughter. The choices you make on your journey will permanently affect what happens, and you will have the opportunity to face enemies in turn-based combat that will delight the most calloused and experienced players. This game deserves to be in this list of games on steam for free.

Maiden and Spell (2020)

Although it is camouflaged with magical girl aesthetics, in reality, this game is wild combat between pseudo-sailor moon warriors that finds its most perfect modality in one on one. Unleash a storm of love shells against your opponent, and if you have no one on hand, there is the counter-CPU mode and even a story mode that is actually a crisp boss-rush. Excellent JRPG style soundtrack.

OneShot (2016)

A tiny game made with the RPGMaker editor, but that competes in wit and charisma with older brothers of the genre. His secret: the player is one more character and interacts with the protagonist, a girl called to restore light in a scorched earth where there are robots and other dangers. The game scrambles in your PC files, and when you leave and enter the game, it will break the fourth wall, among many other ingenious resources that make this title a true festival of metalanguage.

ZeroRanger (2018)

Games on steam for free

If we were to detail a collection of hidden games on Steam for free that-are-also-killings we would get a list ten times longer than this. So let’s stay with a single case as a representation: this old school ship sticker has a beautiful color palette based on green and orange. It has a progress system that ends up giving you the possibility of becoming a wick and interlocks of convoluted dialogues that are the icing on the cake.

Pony Island (2016)

A marvelous from Canada who proposes a curious metafiction in the form of an old arcade that must be played until it is discovered that it is possessed and wants the soul of the player. With classic point-and-click format, but with elements of shooter, endless runner, puzzles, and other immediate and fast subgenres, things quickly become surreal, using the low-fidelity aesthetic and esoteric component of any programming language to propose a dark adventure, twisted humor, and fuzzy and cute aesthetics.

Return of the Obra Dinn (2018)

Lucas Pope, creator of one of the most impressive indie games of recent years, ‘Papers, Please’, jumps into graphic experimentation with a game that must be seen to be believed: giving life to an insurance inspector for the East India Company in 1807, the player has to take charge of boarding a ghost ship and identify the sixty corpses of the crew with a contraption that allows him to scan the moment of the subject’s death. Puzzles, exploration, and atmosphere perfect for a game that imitates the graphic style of the first Macintosh, limited, and perfect for a story like this.

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Tiranny (2016)

Obsidian’s true cult game, the undeserved failure ‘Alpha Protocol’, has been removed from Steam. But there are others from the studio that can do us good the service, such as the semi-unknown ‘Tiranny’. It is an independent derivation of the acclaimed ‘Pillars of Eternity.’ The game is a hard-line RPG in which a demigod has conquered the world and we bring one of his envoys to life to restore order and impose his will. Original skills and spell summoning systems make up the mechanics of a decadent RPG setting that deserves immediate vindication.

Wuppo (2016)

A platform that can deceive due to its colorful aesthetics of simple characters and hand-drawn graphics. But that hides a huge world and that is explored in the style of the indie sensation ‘Guacamelée.’ As powers and properties are acquired, you can access corners of the levels that remained inaccessible. Plot and naive look, but its challenging collisions with huge end bosses give it a distinctive touch.


Now that you know all about the hidden games on steam for free. Go check them out and maybe you can find you next addiction. All of them are extremely amazing and they surely don’t deserve to go unnoticed.

Arnold Bloom

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