Games for PS5: All the Playstation 5 Games 2020 Revealed by Sony

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We have compiled a list of all the games for PS5 for you. Playstation 5 has downloaded all its weapons with an absolutely spectacular amount of games. Action, adventure, horror, and a wide variety of aesthetics and styles in a presentation that has made clear the technical possibilities of a machine that, finally, has been shown in a revelation that has been expected.

But there have been games to give and take. These are all the titles that we have been able to see in ‘PS5 – The future of video games’.So let’s start this Playstation 5 games list.



Sony has opened fire with an iconic game from several generations of consoles. In 2021 a revamped version will arrive that will take advantage of all the features of the console. It has also been announced that those who have the game on PS4 and are subscribed to PS Plus will receive a million dollars for ‘GTA Online’.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Christmas is the date that has been dropped for the new Spider-Man game, whose protagonist, as its trailer makes clear, is Miles Morales, the African American teenager whom we had the opportunity to control in the first installment of the franchise. We have not seen gameplay, but the spectacular sequences continued with the style of the first game, are guaranteed.

Gran Turismo 7

Of this, absolutely spectacular gameplay has been shown from the driver’s cabin, presented by the creator of the saga, Kazunori Yamauchi with Polyphony Digital. The return of one of the iconic Sony franchises, present on their consoles since the first Playstation.

Games For PS5: Ratchet & Clank – Rift Apart

More mythical franchise returns – a constant tonight – this much more unexpected. No less than Ratchet & Clank, icons of the platform a few years ago, return with an adventure in their purest style of crazy platforms and multiple weapons. This time instant interdimensional trips come into play that has been shown in a cinematic that was destruction and pure verbena. In the end, a surprise: Ratchet changes sex.

Project Athia

The new Square Enix project has been seen very slightly. It is developed with the Luminous Engine (from ‘Final Fantasy XV’) and is designed exclusively for the console. It will allow the player to explore alien worlds where creatures like dragons abound. A few strange branches that spring from the sky will allow you to hunt them to ride them.


A true gift for cat lovers at the hands of the prestigious Annapurna indies (‘What Remains of Edith Finch’). The game transports us to a future populated solely by androids, neon, rain, and dark alleys, as canons command … but the protagonist is a stray cat that slips through all corners of this apparently hostile city. It is the best one in the list of Playstation 5 games 2020.


One of the most intriguing adventures of the night comes from Worldwide Studios, which has talked about Playstation 5 in terms of “paradigm shift.” This console exclusive takes us to a story in which a rugged (and possibly dead) astronaut on a strange planet watches her wake up again and again in increasingly hostile environments interspersed with her own memories. Intriguing and mysterious.

Destruction Allstars

An arcade racing title could not be missing, this one with elements of parkour, crazy futurism, and possibly massive multiplayer. A fast and hectic game that promises to become one of the console’s multiplayer sensations.

Games for PS5: Goodbye Volcano High

With aesthetics similar to the latest batch animation series, a story of teenage monsters that has not seen any gameplay or clues about their genre. But that has intrigued us considerably thanks to its cartoon graphics .

Oddworld Soulstorm

More legendary franchises from the first Playstation with brand-new graphics, which you have long heard about. No less than ‘Oddworld’, the adorable adventure of platforms and escapes from inhuman and hostile planets, returns with an adventure at the hands of its original creators, Oddworld Inhabitants, which promises “hilarious deaths”, that is, in the usual line of the saga.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Shinji Mikami has brought a game of exploration of a futuristic and ultraviolent Tokyo full of scenery between cyber and psychedelics. Recalls the first experiments with the first-person action of those failed, strange and endearing games on Playstation 2. More nostalgia.

Games for PS5: Hitman iii

More sequels with date: Agent 47 returns in “the most intimate contract of his career”, with an adventure in which we have hardly seen gameplay, although everything seems to indicate that we continue in the usual line. We have seen a very slight sequence in the heights of Dubai, in vicissitudes of crimes that, they say, will definitely close the character’s trilogy.

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is a PS5 game confirmed. There was no shortage of the EA Sports sports series, which we will possibly know much more about next week at the company’s event. Zion Williamson in the face of this new campaign that, for the moment, we have not seen gameplay.

Demon’s Souls

It was rumored that there would be ‘Demon’s Souls’ and there has been, in one of the most impressive cinematic pieces of the night, full of giant and nightmarish creatures. She develops Bluepoint Games inspired by the work of From Software, with the game that started the ‘Souls’ saga, and which was followed by ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Bloodborne’.

Resident Evil VIII: Village

At times it seemed that we were going to see a new ‘Silent Hill’, but no. The other survival horror myth continues in the line of distancing from the classics of the saga that started the acclaimed VII’, and this time we have traveled to a town in some snowy mountains, with werewolves included. The link to the classics is in the forceful appearance of a mischievous Chris Redfield.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Forget about ‘ Zero Dawn ‘, because this sequel to Guerrilla’s stupendous futuristic adventure goes much further. The trailer showed features of heavenly beaches and forests clamoring for in-depth exploration. There are also gigantic new machines, among which some spectacular titanic elephants stand out. Without a doubt, one of the most shocking revelations of the night.

Games for PS5: Solar Ash

The creators of the incredible ‘ Hyper Light Drifter ‘, Heart Machine, want to overcome their unforgettable debut and they do it with a game in the same line, frantic, difficult to describe with commonplaces and with an absolutely unique aesthetic. ‘Solar Ash’ shares a universe with ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ and promises unusual exploration and cosmic scale.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

No details are known of this new game starring the unofficial Playstation mascot, but it aims at a platform game for all audiences, without the elements of level creation that characterized the ‘ Little Big Planet ‘. It does not develop Media Molecule, in fact, but Sumo Digital, and from what you can see, it will have a multiplayer for four.


It was the first announcement for PS5, but this game has perhaps gone a bit unnoticed amid so much technical bombshell, even somewhat dated in what appear to be somewhat rudimentary combat mechanics. Melee, broadswords, and mythological critters will be massacred in a title that will showcase the console’s graphic muscle.


With an ironic aesthetic that draws on the action movies and spies of the seventies, ‘Deathloop’ promises ridiculously fast action with an argument that speaks of groups of assassins thrown at each other with ridiculously powerful weapons and the condemnation of a constant reboot. It promises to be another of the console’s key multiplayer. It is probably the best addition in the PS5 games 2020.

Games for PS5: Little Devil Inside

Financed by Kickstarter, this indie has stood out among other ads for its unique aesthetics, a very nice mix between puppets, stop-motion, and paper cutouts. It talks about a hunter of strange creatures embarked on a unique adventure and is one of the games that has looked the most at classic adventures where the script and the dialogues are above the action and the reflections (which are not lacking either).

Can you play PS5 game on PS4 ?

The answer is yes. You can play a PS5 game on PS4.

How much will PS5 games cost ?

We don’t know that yet. But we know that they will cost more than PS4 games.

What is the PS5 games release date ?

The release is expected near christams although nothing is confirmed yet.

Can PS5 play PS3 games ?

Yes you can.

Will PS5 be backwards compatible ?

PS5 backwards compatibility is indicated by Sony. So, the answer to the question, “Is ps5 backwards compatible” is yes.

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