11 free apps to make group video calls

Free Video calling apps
Free Video calling apps

We bring you a list of 11 free applications. You can use these applications to make group video calls. So that you can always communicate with your friends, family or colleagues without any problem. When face-to-face meetings are not possible or recommended during the corona outbreak, these tools will help you not lose touch with yours.

We will try to cover all platforms, offering computer programs and mobile applications. And even services that are totally cross-platform for greater flexibility. The idea is that you have several alternatives to choose from, and then you keep the one that suits you best.

We will also try not to overwhelm readers with dozens of options, to try to make the choice of platforms easy.



Skype is one of the reference services when it comes to offering group calls. It offers the possibility for up to 10 people to speak at the same time in the free version. Furthermore, the service has been maintaining high standards for call quality for years, both in video and audio calls. If the call is audio-only, the number of people who can use it simultaneously rises to 25.

Skype is totally cross-platform, with a version for computers, mobile applications, and even a web version. It also has a wide range of options, such as the possibility of sharing your screen, blurring what’s behind you with its portrait mode, or real-time translations in different languages.



Free Video calling apps


Despite the fact that Instagram ate part of its territory by launching the Stories feature. Snapchat is managing to survive thanks to the creativity of its filters. This social network also allows video calls of up to 15 people at the same time, in which you will also be able to wear face glasses to maximize fun.

The negative part is that this social network can only be used through its mobile applications, so you will not be able to use any function or its video calls with an official desktop client. Video chats can be minimized while you continue to use the social network.


Hangouts is a failed Google experiment. It was an attempt with which the search engine company tried unsuccessfully to compete with WhatsApp. However, although this application has been abandoned for a long time, Google still does not seem ready to kill it. And one of its best features is, of course, video calls. You can call up to 10 people in its version for conventional users, and 25 in the business version.

One of the great assets of Hangouts is that almost all of us have a Google account.  And if you do, you also already have a default Hangouts account. Come on, you don’t have to register anywhere. In addition, you can make video calls from its web version or its mobile app, and it offers a very good image and sound quality.


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in the world, and of course that in countries like Spain it has very few rivals. For some years now, the Facebook application has allowed video calls, although they are limited to only four people at a time.

WhatsApp has a web version with which you can send messages from any computer. However, in the web version, it is not possible to make video calls, so you will always depend on the mobile to do it.


Free Video calling apps


Despite being a photo-oriented social network, Instagram also integrates the option to chat with other people and create video calls with up to four people. The entire process is carried out from the Direct section of the application.

The operation is very similar to that of group video calls on WhatsApp, and you can also follow the conversation in a floating window while doing other things. However, the way to start a conversation is different: you must create a group of several people and then call. The negative part is that video calls can only be made in the mobile app of the social network since in the web and desktop versions you will not find the option.


FaceTime is Apple’s voice calling and video calling app, and you can use it on devices running iOS 12.1 and later, as well as iPadOS and macOS. It has support for up to 32 people at a time including you, although being able to use it only on Apple operating systems is quite limited.

But if you are within the Apple ecosystem, then you can download it from virtually any device: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod touch. You can also put your memojis covering your face.And if you have an Apple account then you don’t have to register anywhere either.

  • Without an official website

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Google Duo

Just as Apple has FaceTime, Google also has another messaging app called Google Duo. This application has allowed for a few months to make group video calls of up to 8 people and has applications for Android, iOS, iPad, and a web version to be able to use it from any desktop or laptop computer.

One of the peculiarities of this service is that you can also use it on Google Nest smart screens. In addition, it has a low light mode so that video calls work the same when you’re in the dark. It allows you to send video messages or make voice calls.


Free Video calling apps

Discord is one of the messaging applications that has been breaking through in recent years. It is free and allows you to create servers with different channels to chat on. And you can also reserve some specific channels for voice conversations. In addition, it also allows you to make group video calls for up to 10 users with whomever you want.

Discord is a versatile application with many tricks and functions. In video calls, you can share your screen to teach what you want to others. It has a version for desktop and mobile applications. And it has a complete bot system to give a great variety of extra options to your chat servers.


Although you may not have heard much about it. This service has been making a lot of noise at the stock market for months. I think Zoom is a technological unicorn. Zoom is one of those almost magical companies that manage to accumulate great value and great investments. It allows video calls of up to 100 participants in its free modality. Although without paying they are limited to 40 minutes.

You need to register to create a call, and you will join it through its website, or its applications for Android and iOS. Regarding your options, it allows screen sharing and joining from a voice version telephone line, desktop and application sharing, or recording of calls.


A quite veteran application already in the field of video calls. It stands out above all for not needing to register or have an account to be able to use it. You just go to their website, write a name to complete the URL of the channel and that’s it. That’s the URL that the rest of the participants have to enter in their browsers.

You can use it both from the computer and on the mobile phone. There is no need for applications, thanks to the WebRTC standard used in video conferencing. There can be up to 12 participants at a time. It supports the recording of conferences and has modes such as a shared screen.

Facebook Messenger

Free Video calling apps


Facebook messenger included group video calls quite a long time ago. In the case of video calls, there is a limit of 50 people. But only six of them will be able to broadcast at the same time with their camera. While the rest communicate only by voice.

Video calls are very easy to make. In addition to the mobile versions of the messaging application, you can also use them through the web version of Messenger. The good thing is that if you have a Facebook account it will not cost you anything to use it. The bad thing is that if you do not have it you will have to let yourself fall into its clutches.

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