5 Applications That Allow You To Plan And Prepare Your Meal With Ease.

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For all of those people, for whom it’s always a hassle to decide what should be the next meal and what to cook, we have brought these android and iOS applications. These allow you to create plans week by week looking for ease of use. To do this, use a basic and simple user interface with a side menu where you can add and configure your weeks saying all the dishes you are going to eat per day.

The application also allows you to create and share your own food recipes and implements a shopping list function to know all the ingredients you need to be able to fulfill your weekly plan.



It is a service with which you are not only going to be able to plan your weekly menus, but is also capable of generating a shopping list for you so that you can have everything you need to be able to make meals from the menu. When generating the menu you can choose from hundreds of recipes, so you also have the step-by-step part to cook it covered. It is not free, since depending on the plan its price ranges between 5 and 10 dollars a month, although you have a free fortnight to try to see if it convinces you.

Another feature of this tool, which has a web version and mobile applications, is that the shopping list can be sent to you through online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Instacart or Shipt.

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Cozi is an application that was born for the family organization, but also has a recipe and meal planner section . It has a web version and mobile applications, with which you can search recipes on the web and connect them directly to your personal profile. The service is free, but requires registration.

Once you are adding recipes, the application also allows you to create a shopping list from them, as well as putting them on a weekly calendar with which you can easily plan your meals.

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A tool that has the ability to learn from your personal tastes, and uses these data it knows about us to configure a personalized eating plan according to our tastes, but also varied and balanced. The plans are based on seasonal products to try to help you save as much as possible.

It has social features to be able to modify and share your recipes with the rest of the community, it allows you to synchronize the school menu to take it into account if you have children, and it allows you to personalize your menu based on your allergies or health problems, as well as your personal tastes . It also has video recipes to make cooking a little easier.

Recipe Keeper:

An application that has been designed to save and organize all your recipes, and which can always be synchronized on your different devices. In addition, you can edit all these recipes and give them color by adding your own photographs, and you can group them into categories and then use your search engine to find them.

But don’t limit yourself to that, as it also has a weekly and monthly planner , as well as a shopping list function to acquire the ingredients you need for your recipes. It also includes the scan function to digitize the recipes you have in books and notes.

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The application is an interesting alternative thanks to its database with more than 500,000 recipes. These can be found through the tool’s search engine or with its suggestions and social components, although you can also add them directly from other websites.

It also has a weekly planner to organize recipes for a whole week, a shopping list function and a way to add leftovers to ingredients you already have. Some of its functions are only for the payment method, although others you can use for free.

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This is an application that is focused on creating a weekly diet menu for you, and thanks to that you have the possibility of following one despite having a free and paid version. In the free version you have your weekly menu of some of their diets , with tips for losing weight and access to more than 100 free and simple recipes. You also have videos of exercises and challenges, and the possibility of having a weekly shopping list with everything you need for your menu.

And if you want to go a little further, you have their different plans supervised by dietitians . In this case, you will be able to adapt the weekly menus, the number of recipes goes up to 1000, and you can enter the social components of the platform, being able to leave comments on the recipes and upload your photos.

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