Easy Storage Tips for Kratom To Maintain Its Quality

Easy Storage Tips for Kratom To Maintain Its Quality

How to store kratom? It is a question that bothers all kratom users. The growing popularity of kratom has a lot to do with the effect it creates. After analyzing the different strains of kratom available in the market, you must be aware of the best way of storing kratom. The investment you make in kratom will give you value only when you can use it for a substantial period. If kratom is not stored correctly, it will degrade. Hence, you will waste the money as well as the leaves. However, storage of kratom is not that difficult. You only need a bit of preparedness and forethought, and kratom is ready for future use.

Understanding Condition Sensitivity of Kratom

The leaves of the tropical Evergreen tree, kratom, usually comes from South East Asia. After the tree gets harvested, dried leaves also get circulated in the market. Kratom is available in numerous forms like powder, tablet, capsule, and like. It all depends on the way you want to consume it and the desired effect you want. The origin of kratom has a lot to do with the condition of storage. Experts advise that you must use the product within three months following harvest. It is because the active compound in kratom is most concentrated and creates the best effect. With time, environmental conditions lower the quality of kratom irrespective of how you store it. Hence, quick use of kratom is desirable. If you are speculating how to store it; the answer is proper placement to increase the shelf life. However, here are some dos and don’ts you have to keep in mind for adequately storing the capsules, extract, or powder.

  • Keep it in an airtight container: The point is simple. When you keep kratom in any tight container devoid of environmental influences, these are ideal conditions. Keep the container sealed tightly and securely. You can use new lids which work well. Only a plastic container that does not fit well will not do the job.
  • Keep it dry: Like your vegetables and fruits, it increases their shelf life when they are devoid of moisture. The same applies to kratom. It prevents clumping and damage. However, kratom content, when left unattended, enhances the growth of mold. Thus, it ruins kratom and can also lead to health hazards. Even if a small quantity of mold develops, you cannot use kratom in the future.
  • Store it away from sunlight: As far as possible, keep it in an opaque storage container. You may use brown jars or those which come in dark colors. It is because the kratom should stay devoid of direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. The solar radiation bleaches the chemical composition and thereby affects the quality of kratom.

Apart from this, you have to confirm that the temperature of the place you have stored the kratom is calm and stable. Never try to stock it in a place where temperature variations occur. While purchasing kratom, only select quality kratom that too from a respectable dealer. You may go for vacuum storage and consider freezing.

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