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If you are new and still not oriented to which computer component is for what you need, what it looks like and what features they have, we strongly recommend that you visit PC site for this purpose.  Well, now we turn directly to the selection of all components for the subsequent assembly of the home computer. This site will also consider the choice of laptops for gaming purpose.



The motherboard for the gaming computer will cost us practically as much money as we charged for a budget computer on which you will not play high in the game. We definitely need support for the processor we chose (in my example for the socket in the processor – LGA1150), modern ports, support for the most modern video cards and the ability to establish at least 8 GB of RAM with a frequency of at least 1600 MHz . From companies, choose ASUS, GIGABYTE or MSI as the highest priority and reliable and at a price.

CPU Cooler:-

It is very important that the heatsink approaches the socket of your processor; otherwise you simply cannot install it on the motherboard. For this purpose, compatibility with sockets is always indicated in the specifications. This means that the characteristics of the cooler must specify that it is compatible in this socket. Good coolers are compatible with the selected processor and cheap.

The most expensive processors come with a radiator and fan inside the box. This is essential so as not to overheat it. But if you plan to use your PC for high-end gaming, or if you want to over-clock it at some point, you’ll want a bigger, more robust cooler. They come in both air-cooled and water-cooled varieties.

Graphic Card:-

Buying a video card is one of the most important moments when choosing gaming components. To choose from this component, we will learn a decent round amount from the total budget. But we want to play modern toys without brakes so, without a really powerful video card there is no way to do it.

According to the video processor, video cards are divided into 2 types: AMD Radeon (ATI) and NVIDIA GeForce. In one game, a video card with an AMD processor may be better displayed in another a card with an NVIDIA processor. In mining, for example, Radeon graphics cards are very successful and always earn more than GeForce.

Power Supply:-

Your power supply supplies power to every component of your computer, so you want one that is strong enough for your build and reliable enough for safe and efficient operation. The selection of the power supply is much more important than it seems on the surface.

How many watts? Obviously, you don’t want the total electricity used by these components to be higher than it can convert. The biggest attractions here will be the motherboard, CPU and graphics card. Other components, such as housing fans and storage units, use so little electricity that you can usually frame them in the margins of your calculations.

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