Buy router For Greater Stability In Network

Buy router For Greater Stability In Network

To buy router is very tough. It is because there are different kind of routers. To select from this variety you have to select a specific company. Even one specific company has different kinds of routers. Further, you have to select which router is best.

One of the best routers to buy is from Huawei named HUAWEI WiFi WS5200. It has different advanced features. some of these features are given below.

Dimensions And Weight

The height of this router is about 205 mm. It has a width and depth of HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 is about 120 mm and 36.8 mm. The respected weight is about 243 grams.

The antenna dimensions are the same as the router dimensions. The dimension of antenna height, width and depth are 205 X 120 X 36.8 mm respectively. The antenna weight is 243 gm excluding the power adapter.

Wi-Fi Details

The transmission rate is wireless DBDC which is awesome and about 1267 Mbps. The Wireless The frequency band is 2.4 GHz and it also comes in 5 GHz. It has a dual auto selection.

The above feature is quite good for the users. The users will enjoy such kinds of services. The wifi quality is really good. You must need to buy router like this.

Processer And Memory

Its CPU has a dual-core the processor which is about 1.2 G. The model is Hi565L. It has about 128 DRAM and 128 flash. The memory and processor of this router are quite good. I am astounded by such a kind of Huawei product.

Network Ports And Button

The total network ports in this router are 4. The four-port has two different kinds. One type is WAN GE port and the quantity of this port is one. The other type of port is LAN GE and its quantity is four. What a great kind of router?

With a single router, you can connect up to 3 devices with a cable connection. The router gives such a great kind of service. Huawei thinks about every kind of need of the users. You must need to buy router named HUAWEI WiFi WS5200.

The no of a button in this router is about 4. One is the reset button. The other button is the power button. The third one is H, which support the HLink device with one click pairing. Last but not least button is compatible with WPS.

Other Details

They made such a kind of router. The router makes the customer want to buy it. Its power supply is 12 watts and the AC / DC power supply is 12 volts and one ampere.

It has a very great kind of security system. The anti-brute force algorithm is very tough. it has WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK wifi encryption. It has also a firewall that protects this router from non authorised devices.

It has parental control feature which is really for the parent’s users. They can keep an eye on their children. Huawei has targeted many problems. This company is considering every aspect of the problems.

it also has DMZ, PAP/CHAP, DMZ/DoS attack protection. The device has also a protection system of such kind. You must need to buy router which is named HUAWEI WiFi WS5200.

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