Are Drones the Future of Mining? 4 Reasons Mining Companies Are Rushing to Implement UAVs

Are Drones the Future of Mining

For some time now, mining companies have been using drones to monitor their mines to detect and fix faults in the ground. With some operators already employing commercial drones for surveillance of both open pit and underground mines, the use of UAVs has increased significantly in recent years.

This fast-growing technology appeals to mining companies because it offers them several advantages over traditional surveying methods. Here is a look at the top four reasons why the future of mining is right now with UAVs.


Lower Costs

In many mining industries, the costs of surveying a site, collecting samples, and analyzing data from small-scale models far outweigh the costs of installing a drone. As a result, companies that don’t investigate drone technology yet are betting the house on what they think will be an expensive process.

In reality, most surveyors charge a per-square-foot cost for their services, which means they end up charging more for smaller areas. With modern drone technology, companies can efficiently assess large amounts of land in one go.

Faster Results

With the growing size of mines and mine sites, time is money, especially when you’re dealing with precious metals and minerals. Unfortunately, current surveying methods are too slow to keep up with the demands of rapidly expanding mining operations. In contrast, a drone can take a snapshot of an entire mine site and process the data within minutes.

That same information is processed in a fraction of the time taken by the traditional survey methods. As a result, drone technology allows companies to make more informed decisions about expanding their mines and mine sites for increased efficiency and profitability.

Reduce Risk and Improve Safety for Employees

Previously, many mine sites and mines were inaccessible for drones because of physical obstacles such as mountains, buildings, trees, etc. If a hole were to develop or a landslide to take place, it would be challenging for an operator to detect this without a service like SafeCam.

Operating a drone provides mining companies with a more secure way of surveying their sites. A drone is a more precise and lightweight means of inspecting a mine site, which means it’s unlikely to damage the land. In addition, the presence of a drone can enhance security within an open-pit mine or underground mine shafts, ensuring that the area is safe for workers and that they won’t unexpectedly come into contact with any traps or dangers.

Better Monitoring Of Both Open Pit And Underground Mines

Over the past several years, traditional surveying methods have proven inadequate for monitoring mines, especially when it comes to open pits. This is because conventional surveying methods rely on aerial photography to map out a mine site, which is often inaccurate due to the steepness of the terrain.

In contrast, UAVs can capture high-resolution images that map out land without distortion and at a much higher level of detail and accuracy than satellite imaging and traditional surveying methods.

There are many reasons why companies throughout the mining industry are now choosing to expand their surveying methods to include drones. With this technology, miners can save time, money, and resources while surveying their sites with greater accuracy and fewer risks.

Additionally, drone technology offers companies a less expensive and more efficient surveying option with quick and accurate results.

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