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Design themes for interior decor are vast and varied, covering a broad spectrum of styles and preferences. People can find several decor items and elements for their homes in the theme they like, from minimalism to mid-century modern. One primary aspect of the home undergoing a design revolution is the kitchen. Kitchens were earlier a functional space, with limited opportunities for designing. But today, the kitchen decor sector saw a transformation, with more people opting for a stylistic kitchen interior, from cabinets to equipment. One of the primary design themes that are gaining worldwide popularity is the industrial theme. Industrial kitchens reflect both a “homey” and “commercial” vibe. Several brands like robot coupe cater to this emerging design trend by providing a vast array of industrial kitchen supplies for home and commercial use.

Industrial kitchens are all over social media, with several interior decor pages promoting this new theme. The industrial kitchen offers several aesthetic and functional benefits, making it a global hit. Various brands cater to this design theme, from Spartan-looking islands and hobs to sleek refrigerators and pantries.


This theme brings a factory or manufacturing plant aesthetic to the home. But why would people want such a theme? The popularity of this theme comes from the combination of the bare and plain with the contemporary and chic. A rectangular kitchen island with a chimney is a staple in many homes and looks industrial. Designers add colour to this ensemble to elevate the vibe without ruining the industrial theme. The modern industrial kitchen incorporates elements like sleek steel, sharp edges, functional equipment, and functional accessories. But it also brings a personal aspect by using colour, design, and placement.


Various elements can bring the industrial theme to the kitchen. But people must ensure they don’t forget the functional aspect of the kitchen while trying to design it.


Designers trying the industrial theme bring in a variety of colour palettes to suit the design and the overall house’s interior decor. One option would be to go with rustic tones like rust orange, mustard yellow, seaweed green, etc. Another option would be to go with pastel and subdued tones for a full-blown industrial effect.


One intriguing aspect of the industrial kitchen is the blending of the personal and the commercial. These themes allow people to incorporate industrial equipment brands like robot coupe, which provide blenders, planetary mixers, food processors, etc. This equipment is usually for restaurants or large-scale manufacturing use, but people can also use them at home. These tools bring an industrial vibe to the kitchen while also being functional and time-saving.

Cabinets and Drawers

While there are several contemporary and “next-gen” kitchen storage options, the industrial theme uses more traditional designs. Square or rectangular cabinets with pronounced hand-holds complete this design theme. Designers also opt for steel doors to follow the theme closely. Another aspect of cabinets is their placement. The modular kitchen uses as much storage space as possible, but the industrial kitchen tries to exude a “bare” look. Designers and homeowners can opt for hidden storage options to complement this theme.


Another significant aspect is the tiling. Traditional rectangular or square tiles are requisite for industrial kitchens. But designers are extending their creativity to include more contemporary designs without marring the industrial look. The array of available tiles also helps this endeavour.

The industrial kitchen design revolution has a growing follower count. More people seem attracted to this design theme for its effortless visuals and budget-friendly options. Homeowners can opt for this theme with vast kitchen space, which truly brings out this theme’s unique aesthetics.

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