Dozens of ways to invest your leisure time during COVID-19 quarantine


Telecommuting or not for the next few weeks, one thing is for sure: all your leisure time is being spent at home due to quarantine caused by COVID-19. But not everything on the internet is limited to Facebook and Instagram where the same memes keep on repeating or a few channels on youtube to which you are subscribed. Nor are your options limited to watching television all day where the only thing happening is the re-broadcasts of that talent-show that you can’t stand. There are many other options, more sedentary or more physical, that you can do to avoid counting the lumps of the gotelé. 

I know I know, it can get difficult to stay at home all the time. But since its the matter of our health and safety so it is the need of the time that we stay confined to the four walls of our home. But staying home during this time of COVID-19 does not need to be boring and monotonous.  Here are a few ideas.


Video Games:

man controls all video games

Perhaps the video game industry is one of the least sufferings with quarantine, or at least, except for cancellations of events such as E3, it is not suffering as much as other sectors such as cinema or literature, whose negative consequences in the medium term cannot be foreseen. The reason is clear: the releases are still scheduled, the news continues to flow, and you have at your disposal the virtual stores of consoles and computers to not stop playing.

In addition, there are plenty of initiatives, such as the ones we detail here, in which companies, programmers and publishers give away some of their games. Some of these offers and gifts are very fleeting, so you will have to be vigilant. At the moment, the Epic Games store continues to give away free games, something that Playstation and Xbox also do through their subscription services. And as we told you, Ubi Soft will give away through Nvidia GeForce. And there are indie repositories like where searching and digging are worth it.



It is difficult to access books because bookstores are also marked as red zone during the COVID-19 outbreak. But that doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy books. There are many services which are providing the free home delivery of books. Moreover, you can always read books online on your laptops and phone. 

The repositories of online books, legal and almost always free of rights are a recurring option. The Gutenberg Project does not fail and Amazon has a good number of free ebooks.


Home cinema has a clear path: streaming platforms. Sure you are squeezing the one or those to which you are subscribed, but there are extra options.

Netflix is providing a lot of free offers. The most famous one is obviously there free first-month trial. You can always avail that and get free access to their unlimited content for a month.

It is not the only platform that has decided to take advantage of quarantine to attract customers with offers and promotions. Movistar + increases its number of channels in its Lite service, Vodafone TV gives its customers the Pack Peques, and Orange does the same with Infantil Max.

If you like classic cinema, access to movies in the public domain is almost endless. At you have a good sample of ancient but immortal cinema.

Physical exercise


Even if your favorite gym is closed because of COVID-19 and you’re already missing it. This does not mean the end of your perfect body shape. Because your house can be your training center, and there are a thousand ways to approach it without investing money or too much space. Your own body weight, for example, is your best ally, and there are training videos that explain it to you.

The yoga and meditation exercises will help you stay calm in the coming weeks.  There are specific mobile applications to take your first steps. And of course, there are many tutorials on YouTube that you can use, whatever your level.


The internet has always been a great place to read comics for free thanks to webcomics. But with the COVID-19 quarantine, authors and publishers are turning to offer extra material.

The people of Comixology are collecting a huge number of authors and publishers who are opening a good part of their material for everyone. There are many other options like Comic book plus, DriveThru Comic and Newsarama, etc. These websites have free legal content for people to read.

And of course, you have Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s “comics streaming” platform, where you can read their entire catalog for a monthly fee.

Online courses:

What better than to take advantage of these days to learn something. Not everything is leisure and domestic debauchery. For example, languages: ABA English online academy gives a million Premium courses to its students, and students who are already Premium will have the opportunity to give one of them to a friend or family member. is also providing thousands of courses for you to choose from. You can use this time of COVID-19 quarantine as an opportunity to learn about literally anything you want. So, improve your skills people.

Theater and online concerts:

In the online world, your options aren’t limited to movies and seasons only. If you like music, you have a few options at your fingertips. For example, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York will broadcast a full opera every night.

You have a good amount of “home concerts”  via streaming that is being organized through the artists’ social networks **. Some examples? Machine Gun Kelly, Cold plays’ Chris Martin, and yungblud, etc

More classical is the Berlin Philharmonic, which opens the doors of its website, giving up all the concerts and documentaries it has.



Whether you are a cook or if you prefer not to get too close to the stove, there are multiple options to spend long moments preparing food and enjoying it. You can even access homemade recipes from great chefs. Remember that if you have children at home, involving them in the kitchen can be a welcome respite in their routine. Again, YouTube and its multiple channels of tutorials can be a good ally.

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