Advanced Casino Players Who Play for a Living and Their Preferred Games

Advanced Casino Players Who Play for a Living and Their Preferred Games

There are less than 3% of US citizens who have made it to the list of professional gamblers. These are people who do nothing else except gamble to earn a living. They combine several skills, such as math concepts and gambling strategies, to increase their chances of making money through gambling.

Professional gamblers like Tony Bloom spent hundreds of hours learning the skills and engaging in research to develop their gambling abilities. The professionals don’t play any casino games they find but are specific about the games they choose.

How to play online casino games

If you want to play online casino games as a professional gambler, the first thing you should do is choose an online casino that best fits you. Most online casinos have a gambling app that you can download and install on your phone. After launching, choose your specific games and begin learning the tricks of gambling as a source of living. It might take time, but you will eventually become a professional gambler.

Professional gamblers who play casino games for a living

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom mastered the skills of gambling until he gained the name “The Lizard”. He is one of the greatest casino players ever to start a company that specifically generates revenue from gambling. He is a British professional gambler fond of making money, majorly from sports betting and playing poker.

Bloom launched a startup, Star Lizard, that has grown into a large enterprise. He hires people to analyze games using advanced technology and place bets. According to rumors, his net worth is over $1 billion.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter was born in Pennsylvania but later moved to Las Vegas to begin his professional gambling journey. He joined college and graduated with a degree in physics which helped him to use math in gambling. He first mastered playing blackjack and won so much that Vegas casinos barred him from betting anymore. That’s when he moved to Hong Kong and focused his energies on horse betting. He even developed a horse racing application. His betting net worth is $1 billion.

Phil Ivy

There are different symbols in slot machines, and each has its meaning. Scatter symbols may trigger bonuses, while playing card symbols trigger payout winnings. Phil Ivy was born in California, and he grew to become one of the richest professional gamblers. He focuses his energies on playing poker and live tournaments. His gambling net worth is $100 million.

Matthew Benham

Matthew Benham has a physics degree from the University of Oxford. After graduation in 1989, he was offered a job by the Bank of America but declined to take it. Instead, he ventured into sports betting and is today worth $20 million. He uses his knowledge of analytics to predict football game outcomes.

William Walters

William Walters generated his income from sports betting and playing poker. He has a long record of consistent winning spanning over 30 years. He was born in Kentucky and raised by his grandmother. He started sports betting while a teenager and is known to generate up to $50 million annually from wagering.

Arnold Bloom

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