Acquire Your Master of Business Administration In Singapore

Acquire Your Master of Business Administration In Singapore

Master of business administration is an internationally recognized course that trains and equips you with business management and administration skills. Adding this course on top of your bachelor’s degree is an excellent idea since it helps you increase your potential. With an MBA in Singapore, you stand a better chance of employment.


Why study master of business administration in Singapore?

  • The Singapore government has invested heavily in the education sector, with 19.96% of the country’s expenditure being channeled here.
  • According to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Singapore is home to the best five universities in Asia, with the National University of Singapore being in the first position.
  • The majority of Singapore universities are among the most preferred universities by international students.

Admissions to MBA in Singapore

If you’re interested in applying, they’re forms available online and you can complete your application online. Most business universities in Singapore commence their studies in April, but you may find some with January, September and October intakes.

The Eligibility criteria

You need to qualify the following eligibility criteria to get admitted for MBA in Singapore universities:

  1. Pass Language Proficiency Tests for non-native speakers
  2. Have a Bachelor Degree in any field recognized by the University

iii. Have at least two years of working experience

  1. You must have achieved at least 2.8 CGPA at graduation level

It’s worth noting that the above requirements may vary depending on specific universities. Once you have selected your University for MBA in Singapore, consult their website to determine the admission requirements.

Documents required for MBA in Singapore

You’ll be required to send several documents along with your application for admission. You’ll only need to send scanned copies in most cases, but you may be requested to present original copies during enrolment.

These include:

  • The application fees receipt
  • Your passport details
  • Academic certificate as proof of your past performance
  • Medical report
  • Student pass for international students
  • Any certificate indicating awards and recognitions

Cost of MBA in Singapore

The cost of study for international students comprises all expenses, including pre-departure, post-departure and tuition fees. It’s advisable to evaluate the cost and all expenses involved before and plan well for a smooth experience.

The pre-departure expenses include the cost of various applications. These include an application for admission fees, cost of tests required and student visa application fees.

The MBA tuition fees for most universities range between 15,000 USD and 90,000 USD.

MBA scholarships in Singapore

There are several types of grants you should explore to help finance your tuition fees. These include:

  • Government grants

International students are eligible for government grants, but they’re required to work in Singapore for at least three years after completing their course.

  • External scholarships

There are many external scholarships that are given to international students to help them fund their programs. An example is Singapore International Graduate Award, where international students are eligible for up to 1500 USD funding.

  • University-Specific scholarships

The majority of top Universities in Singapore offer to fund international students. This funding is available to international students after successful admission into the universities.

Available jobs after completing MBA in Singapore

There are several managerial positions available for you after completing your MBA. These include product manager, general manager, accounting manager, business development manager and business consultant.

Available jobs after completing MBA in Singapore


Hopefully, you have a clear view and understanding of what is involved when studying MBA in Singapore as an international student. Studying in Singapore has many benefits, the main ones being the high value and quality of education offered. Get the above requirements and apply for an MBA in Singapore.

Arnold Bloom

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