3 Must-Have Accessories for AR-15 Enthusiasts

3 Must Have Accessories for AR 15 Enthusiasts

Since its invention 60 years ago, the AR-15 has adapted to become one of the most versatile civilian firearms. Because of its modular platform, there is a long list of AR-15 accessories.

Because the AR-15 can come in many shapes and sizes, it is easy to drown in the excess upgrades available. For example, the AR-15 can use a long heavy barrel for precision shooting or a short barrel designed for fast-paced three-gun competitions. Regardless of your preferred setup, we can help you with these must-have AR-15 attachments listed below.

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1. Optics

While most guns don’t come with sights, the AR-15 is ready for any type of upgrade. The first accessory you should purchase is optics.

There are three categories optics would fall in, including:

  • Non-focus optics
  • Focusing optics
  • Iron Sights
According to Natchez Shooter Supplies, each of these optics has different applications. For example, a red dot might be beneficial if you are a beginner, as it automatically corrects the target and sight image. However, red dots cannot magnify the target, so they are called non-focus optics.

Focusing optics would include scopes. These are excellent for long-range shooting and offer magnification. Some scopes even have red dot reticles as well.

Sights and backup sights allow your shooting to be more accurate and precise.

2. Foregrips

The best way to make an accurate shot is to make sure that your gun feels comfortable. If you can’t hold your gun correctly, you won’t be as steady in your aim.

A way to improve your aim is to upgrade your foregrip. It allows you to use both hands to steady the gun without the fear of your gun becoming too hot.

There are many foregrips available, but if you want to go the extra mile, consider a laser foregrip for optimal accuracy. You can read a Viridian HS1 review here.

3. Stocks

While the AR-15 has minimal recoil, it is still necessary to keep your gun steady. That is why a stock is one of the must-have AR-15 accessories. However, as we mentioned above, comfort is one of the main points that will help your accuracy, so a stock needs to be comfortable as well.

Like the AR-15, its owners come in all shapes and sizes. So, make sure you get a stock that feels comfortable to you. Many adjustable stocks are on the market, making it one of the easiest customizable AR-15 parts.

However, it is important to note the use of your gun. If you are looking to use the gun in close quarters, a short and collapsible stock is your best bet. On the other hand, if you are using it for long-range competitions, choose something your cheek can rest on no matter what position you are in.

Best AR-15 Accessories

The best AR-15 accessories are highly customizable to allow optimal comfort and accuracy. Regardless of your preferred use, these three upgrades can make all the difference. The AR-15 has it all from grips to sights to stocks.

For more information on gun accessories, keep browsing our gun section.

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