You’ll Regret Missing this Guide on the Top 5 Spring and Summer Trends of 2021

Top 5 Spring and Summer Trends of 2021

Admit it. Fashion always catches your attention. Whether you’re a fashion aficionado or not, seeing stylish clothes and trendy pieces never fails to make you go “wow”.

However, there are also fashion pieces that turn your head for all the wrong reasons. And instead of saying “wow”, you end up saying “ouch”.

Then, you start wondering. Can I make my own fashion line? A fashion degree can unleash the fashionista in you, and your creations might just end up in next year’s top trends.

But for now, find out what’s hot from the spring and summer fashion weeks of 2021.

Face Mask Style 

Who says fashion died during the pandemic? Actually, it’s the other way around: fashion conquered the pandemic.

As you might have seen, different styles of masks have come out. But the most notable one is the fashionable black mask that can fit into any style effortlessly. From plain to bejewelled, printed with luxury logos to famous characters, the black mask has evolved to become the most popular fashion accessory in the time of Covid.

Folk Fashion

The popularity of plain bold colours and style has been overthrown by folk-inspired fashion this year. The intricate designs and the blend of different colours of folk culture are surely eye-catching.

Lace and embroidery on your coat can lift the boring monochrome of your suit and pants. And folk-inspired designs on your shirt will make you stand out among the crowd.

No matter how you wear your folk fashion, there is no doubt about its trendy yet classic style that will surely fit anyone.

Sorbet Pastel Palette

Bright, bold colours have always been in style, but now, sorbet pastel tones are the top pick. Mint green, soft orange, baby pink, lavender, and others on the sorbet palette are perfect for spring, and they complement a variety of skin tones.

While these soft tones have been associated with the younger generation, they are now very popular among any age range. Even professionals whose careers are soaring high can be seen in purple trench coats and fresh mint green suits.

Yellow is in

Whether it’s mustard or bright canary, yellow is definitely hot today. A mix and match of yellow shades on any outfit are quite trendy. And yellow bags that add a pop of colour to any outfit is the current popular style. They’re the perfect accessory to the classic monochrome.

The cheerful yellow in people’s fashion that abound on the streets and everywhere shoos the blues away and brightens the day. And it’s making everyone’s mood better.

Bags and Fringe

Fringed tops were cool. Now, it’s fringed bags that are hip and trendy. You don’t have to put so much effort into what you wear when you have fringes on your bag.

If the tassels don’t scream fashion, then what does?

It’s true that everyone has their own sense of style. But the trends in fashion are quite influential that you just find yourself going along with them.

Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if you are the one creating the style that others will soon follow? It might be a dream you’ve often thought about. But now, it’s a dream that you can turn into reality with the help of a fashion degree.

Never stop dreaming, and you will soon find yourself getting into the world of fashion, whether as a designer or something else. When you know where to look, the options are endless.

Arnold Bloom

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