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Why you shouldn’t skimp on the bedroom daybed mattress

Why you shouldn't skimp on the bedroom daybed mattress

Did you know that daybeds don’t automatically come with a mattress? You will have to buy the mattress for the daybed separately, although the type of bed you have determines the type of mattress you should get. As a general rule, daybeds do not require a box spring but need a mattress with some stability. A memory foam and inner coil hybrid mattress are best for these.

It is important that you have the right mattress for the right sleeper. Rather than going with the cheapest foam mattress available, spend a little more to get a better mattress. Having a good mattress is more important for your health than you realize.

For one thing, if you don’t have a good mattress or the right type of mattress for your common sleeping position, it will affect the quality and duration of your sleep. This plays a large role in how your mind and body function.

Without appropriate sleep hygiene, your thought processes and reaction times are going to be significantly decreased. You will also find yourself being short of temper, and you will experience more achy muscles because your body isn’t able to fully relax.

Here are some other common reasons that your bedroom daybed mattress is important to your health:

  • People with indoor allergies should have a hypoallergenic mattress. There are many options available in every possible size or style you should want, although most of them will be a foam and coil hybrid mattresses. If you can’t get a hypoallergenic bed you should get an appropriate mattress cover that can be cleaned regularly.
  • If you don’t have the support you need for your neck and back as you sleep, it can make a big difference in your overall health. When your spine is out of alignment it can affect many things you wouldn’t think of, including the ability to fully empty the bladder. You can head off some of these issues by seeing a chiropractor, but it would be better to save the money on the back end and pay a little bit more now for the right bed to avoid the pain entirely.
  • The neck being out of alignment can cause headaches and tension in the neck and shoulders, which can be an even bigger issue for those with sedentary jobs.
  • When your spine is out of alignment it allows easier injury of other joints like the knees, ankles, and shoulders. At the least, the change in how you move and walk will eventually wear those joints down.

To choose the best mattress type, consider how you lay when you sleep. Side sleepers usually need a combination of firm support for the spine and a comfortable cushion for the hips. Those who sleep on their backs will want a bit more cushion and may look for a memory foam option. Most people do well with a foam and coil hybrid mattress, particularly with use for a daybed.

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