Why OSRS Being On Steam Is Great News For Everyone

Jagex recently released Old School RuneScape on Steam, an old version of the game from 2007 that was re-released as Old School RuneScape in 2013. I’m still blown away by all this news about it and can’t help but reminisce over how much fun we used to have playing together when we were kids! Fighting monsters, making millions of OSRS GP, and trading items with fellow players.

Playing OSRS On Steam

You’ll be able to sign in with an existing Old School RuneScape account when you play on Steam, or if you’re new, log in using your Steam credentials. You can have cross-progression and gameplay as it carries over save files from other platforms onto the Steam version of OSRS. This allows for easier access across multiple platforms and interactions within different friend groups who are playing elsewhere too.

The free-to-play and paid versions of OS RuneScape are both available on Steam. Paying for it gives you access to more quests, as well as a higher level cap than the free version does – and it’s definitely worth it if you ask me. The quest list in the game is huge with dozens of OSRS quests available and buying RuneScape membership also gives you access to all 23 OSRS skills. You can also choose from tons of customizable outfits and pets to help enhance your character’s style or just make them look superior to other characters in the game.

Why OSRS On Steam Is Terrific News

The game’s eighth anniversary coincides with its arrival on Valve’s platform, so players can earn a cosmetic banana cape by logging in and participating. Old School RuneScape fans will be gathering to welcome new Steam users, which sounds like it’ll be delightful for all! Playing this MMO is one of my childhood memories that I miss the most.

The announcement of OSRS coming to Steam is a huge deal for every player!

Runescape first came onto the scene through websites like Miniclip back in 2003. I’m guessing that most, if not all of us found Runescape from those sites years ago too? This new agreement with Steam will introduce so many players into Old School RuneScape and bring more excitement and challenge to the game.

Old School RuneScape is now available for download on Steam.

The old school and more modern versions of RuneScape are both still around too, the latter having arrived at Valve’s storefront back in October. Elsewhere in realms related to this game, developer Jagex was recently bought by a private equity firm with plans to speed up its content creation process as well as release new games.

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