When Would I Need an Eminent Doman Attorney in Georgia?

When Would I Need an Eminent Domain Attorney in Georgia?

It’s important as a landowner in Georgia to be aware of your property rights in case the government ever wants to take your property under eminent domain. Having a qualified domain attorney in Georgia on your side can assist your fight and help you win your case. Eminent domain, also known as condemnation, refers to the right that federal, state, or local governments have to take or force private property sales for public use. This could include highways, railroads, schools, hospitals, and even, in some cases, private entities. Fighting an eminent domain case can be difficult, the right attorney can help you keep your property or receive more than just a settlement. Here are five scenarios where you may need or want to call an eminent domain attorney.


If You Don’t Want to Settle

Whether a local or federal entity is wanting to seize your land, you will need an eminent domain attorney if you don’t want to give up your land under any circumstances.

If You Require a Larger Settlement

Oftentimes in an eminent domain case in Georgia, a person’s property is undervalued. An eminent domain attorney can help you asses and research how much your property is actually worth. They can then help you attain a better settlement and payment for relocation fees.

If Your Property is Being Taken for Private Reasons

It is not unheard of for private companies like oil or telephone companies to seize private property under eminent domain. If you believe that your property might be taken for private purposes, an attorney on your side could be vital in proving your case. They can help ague the fact that your property is not serving any public purpose.

If the Seize is Unnecessary

Sometimes, only a portion of your property needs to be taken but the government buys you completely out anyway. For example, if installing powerlines, there is really no reason why your property should fall under eminent domain.

If The Process Seems Complex

Eminent domain can be a lengthy and complex process. You can guarantee that the government entity you are dealing with has eminent domain attorneys and will use them. Whether you are trying to settle or fight the case altogether, you will want a Georgia eminent domain attorney in your corner helping you navigate the procedure.

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