What to Know About Testing CBD Products Before Selling Them

What to Know About Testing CBD Products Before Selling Them

How often can you say that a product is so popular that one in seven American adults uses it? Well, you can say that about CBD.

If you’re considering starting your own CBD business, we can’t say we blame you. The market is growing and there are always new ways to manufacture and market CBD to reach a wider audience.

The question is, what do you need to know about testing CBD products? What are the regulations that you need to be aware of?

Read on for our quick guide to testing CBD products before you can sell CBD.


Does CBD Go Through the FDA?

A lot of consumable products must be tested by the FDA before they’re sold. Is CBD one of them?

The answer is no. While CBD is legal to sell, it does not have FDA approval. From a product testing standpoint, this may seem like a good thing, as you don’t have to wait for the FDA to test your products before you sell them.

However, this really means that you need to take testing seriously on your own. It also means that you need to think hard about what you say when marketing CBD–without proper testing, there are certain claims you shouldn’t make.

Who Does Test CBD and For What?

If the FDA isn’t testing CBD products, who is and what are they testing for?

Most CBD companies will send their products to a third-party company that will perform testing for them. This lends legitimacy to safety claims and allows consumers to trust that you’re selling what you say that you’re selling.

Third-party companies will test for a few things. This includes:

  • whether or not the product is 100% CBD
  • whether or not the product contains psychoactive components (ie THC)
  • whether or not consumers can trust your labeling and product descriptions

Remember that in states where THC is not legal, there is one very specific guideline you must follow. Your CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

Can You Buy Pre-Tested Products?

What if you want to buy CBD and hemp extract from someone else and sell it to consumers? Is this an option?

The answer is yes. There are companies that sell CBD oil and other CBD products in bulk. This means that you can sell it in smaller quantities as is or use it to make specialty CBD products of your own.

If you choose the latter, you may need to undergo a new round of testing. This will depend on what you’ve added or changed about the pre-tested products you purchased.

Don’t Overlook Testing CBD Products

Running a CBD business isn’t as simple as opening up shop and getting your products in consumers’ hands. Testing CBD products is a serious business that you don’t want to overlook.

Looking for more information about the space where health and business meet? Take a look around to get the guidance you need to make your CBD business come to life.

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