What to bet on when there are no sports events?

What to bet on when there are no sports events

Sports betting is different from all other betting types. A professional approach, discipline, competent financial and game strategy, the ability to analyze, and work with statistics are important here. The winnings depend solely on the player himself, on his hard work, on the desire to become a professional. Luck in sports betting does not even play a secondary role, it is practically unimportant. But when there are no sports events, bettors are looking for some alternative.

22Bet offers you such an alternative. Here you can find not only sports events but also casino and eSports. So, we will definitely recommend you to register on their website or download their mobile app here to start betting with 22Bet!


While real-life competitions are paused, eSports matches continue to be played. Naturally, the largest tournaments, gathering thousands of spectators in the halls, have also been postponed, but smaller-scale competitions are proceeding on schedule. The battle in them takes place without fans in the stands, even the athletes themselves can sit each in their own studio, that is, the game takes place remotely. But they are broadcast on TV, plus you can place bets at bookmakers. The markets are standard: who wins, total kills, number of rounds, etc.

Many players were forced to pay attention to eSports as an alternative to real sports. Note that here there is already an opportunity to make a bet professionally at Since athletes are competing, among whom there are outsiders and favorites. This means that certain strategies can be applied, the main thing is to study the discipline carefully, to understand which team is playing, and to highlight patterns. In a word, to conduct a full analysis and make a verified forecast. It is also encouraging that eSports matches are held quite often, and you can find at least one competition a day.

Casino and gambling

Under quarantine conditions, many players are forced to stand idle. This is especially painful for those who are used to making significant amounts of money on betting. It’s great if there is another source of income, and if not, what to do? So, you have to pay attention to online casinos that continue to work properly. We have already considered above that they cannot fully replace sports betting; however, they are quite capable of quenching the thirst for excitement, plus bring some income if you play very carefully and with a cool head.

When playing at an online casino, it is important to observe the following rules:

Play only for those amounts that you do not mind losing. The loss should not be a disaster, in which case, you should part with them, as if they did not exist.

Don’t play just for the sake of playing. Set a clear goal for yourself, try to curb the excitement. Pay attention to entertainment, where a pattern can be traced and based on them, create tactics.

Always have a cool head. Lose is okay, don’t try to win back. Won – fix your income, try to withdraw excess amounts.

And the most important thing is to play exclusively in reliable and proven online casinos that do not cheat customers and provide an honest, unbiased algorithm.

Arnold Bloom

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