What Makes Bright Pattern Software So Advanced?

Bright Pattern is an omnichannel contact center software that utilizes powerful technology for a better customer experience. The program allows businesses to streamline their customer support channels through software that ensures consistency in all interactions. This contact center program is based on the cloud which means that it’s easy for agents to access from any browser. Now that remote work is more commonplace, a cloud-based contact center allows agents to access the desktop application from their home computer along with a handy phone system. But what else makes Bright Pattern so advanced? And what makes it stand out from other programs within the same industry? Keep reading below to learn more about what makes Bright Pattern so advanced.


It was created by industry leaders.



Bright Pattern software is the most powerful cloud contact center software in the industry. The technology used revolutionizes the customer experience. Bright Pattern’s cloud technology was created by industry leaders with over 25 years of experience in the contact center software industry. The founding members built Bright Pattern with the goal to streamline customer interactions using an omnichannel application. Utilizing this software, agents will immediately notice the ease of use. In-depth research has been used to bring this innovation to mid- and enterprise-size businesses everywhere. Bright Pattern is by no means your average call center program. It’s a market challenger with feature-rich customer service technology and has more than just the traditional channels you’d expect out of the industry average. Beyond phone calls and emails, the platform allows communication through messengers, text, webchat, and even video chat.

The software has built-in quality assurance.

As a business owner, it’s important that you trust your agents to do their jobs. But you still need to track their performance in order to ensure that you meet company goals. Supervisors can use the software’s built-in quality assurance to track agent performance, monitor all channels of communication, and even score interactions on all channels. Supervisors can even provide agent scorecards and tailor the software to business needs. The built-in quality assurance is what makes Bright Pattern so advanced. And it’s a great way to make sure that representatives are sticking to the company’s best practices.

Bright Pattern personalizes interactions through interactive voice response.



Interactive voice response, or IVR, gives customers who call into the contact center the ability to access self-serve functions. Bright Pattern has IVR solutions that add several aspects to the customer experience. This includes prompts or announcements to play, resources to queue, hold music to play, peak call times and overflow to alternate resources, as well as agent skills and capacity to handle a call. Expect to find virtual queueing technology for customer callback and auto-attendants for common queries.

It allows for powerful CRM integrations.

If you have an existing customer relationship management (CRM) system, then you’ll be glad to find that Bright Pattern’s software allows you to connect your CRM system with the program. You can utilize the platform for all of the same information like phone numbers, call activity, past interactions, and more. Agents can refer to all of the data with ease in order to streamline workflow and keep track of clients. These CRM integrations boost workforce intelligence and can help with increasing sales and fostering customer loyalty. CRM software allows your representatives to provide the best possible service.


As you can see, Bright Pattern has plenty of advanced features. These are just a few examples of what makes it such a powerful omnichannel platform. The flexibility of the system and the ability to personalize digital channels allows businesses of all sizes to provide high-quality professional services.

Arnold Bloom

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