What Is the Best Case for a MacBook?

What Is the Best Case for a MacBook

So you have ventured out and bought yourself a brand-new MacBook. Good for you, and congratulations. The next step is to decide how you plan to keep it looking new and beautiful for as long as possible.

We have the answer to this: MacBook cases.

How do you know which case is best for you and your MacBook?

If you are asking this question, we can give you some answers. Keep reading to find out why you should be investing in a MacBook case and what your options are. But before that, learn about how to screenshot on macbook pro for additional info.


The Cases

The first thing you need to decide is how protected do you want to be? Are you transporting your MacBook to and from the office, or does it stay on your desk at home and only travel on holiday with you?

This will then point you in the direction of either a permanent case or a non-permanent option such as a sleeve or backpack.

Permanent Cases

These cases will protect you from accidental drops and spilled drinks. They are hard-shell cases and are attached permanently to your MacBook. They are simple snap-on cases and come in a variety of colors, textures, and materials. However, you should keep in mind that they can make your device a bit chunkier.

Non-permanent Cases

These are the best choices if you are looking to just protect your laptop in transit. They include backpacks, sleeves, and padded cases. They are less bulky and much lighter and add protection when your MacBook is most at risk.

There are a surprising number of cases available, and to help you from feeling overwhelmed we have chosen a few top options to help you in your search. Some of the best MacBook Pro Cases and Macbook Air 2020 cases are as follows:

  • The Fintie Protective MacBook Pro 13 case adds easy to connect protection with its polycarbonate shell exterior
  • The Mujjo MacBook Pro Sleeve offers a sleek look in both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop cases
  • The Pelican 1085 laptop case is crushproof and watertight and is a great option if you need protection from rough conditions
  • Tech21 offers a clear MacBook Air case that offers great protection and is cheaper than other options
  • A leather MacBook case offers a sophisticated look along with protection and comes in sleeves, backpacks, and cases

Why Do We Need MacBook Cases?

Unlike desktops, laptops are basically mobile devices that must endure a lot of handling. While many of them are built to last, it still pays to be as careful as we can with our new purchase.

Protecting yourself by investing in MacBook cases will always be money well spent, and is by far a cheaper option than replacing your laptop! Keeping your device safe and sound while toting a trendy case as an accessory doesn’t seem like the worst idea around, does it?

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