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What Is a NuGet Package? An Overview of the Basics

What Is a NuGet Package An Overview of the Basics

Learning how to code is one of the most useful skills that you can pursue. As you might expect, it comes with many different nuances that you will need to research and understand in order to continue building your knowledge. One of the most important is understanding “what is a NuGet package?”

Let’s take a look at everything you should know about it so that you can fully leverage the utility it provides.


So, What Is a NuGet Package?

Simply put, it is a collection of files that can be used to help you build and deploy software.

It includes executable code, as well as other resources that are necessary for your project. In addition, it can also include documentation and licensing information. NuGet packages are created by developers who want to share their work with others in the community, and they are hosted on a public repository.

Once you have installed a NuGet package, it becomes available to all of your projects. This is one of the benefits of using this type of package — you don’t need to worry about copying files from one project to another.

How Do You Install a NuGet Package?

There are a few different ways that you can ensure the package is installed. The first, and most common way, is to add it from within Visual Studio or another integrated development environment (IDE) when you start your project up for development work.

Since the NuGet system uses dependency resolution when installing packages, there will be no problem adding multiple items of an identical nature at once.

You can also do so by using the Package Manager Console which comes with Visual Studio 2015 and later versions of the product. It’s a simple command-line utility that allows developers to use all of their tools directly from outside of the IDE. If necessary, you can use it to reinstall NuGet package files.

This method has some limitations compared to the first, so it’s a good idea to learn how both of them work. The final way you can install a package is through the Package Manager UI which comes installed with Visual Studio 2017 and later versions.

What Benefits Does It Have?

A primary benefit of using a NuGet package is streamlining your workflow. It allows you to consolidate files in a single location and avoid searching for them.

You will also be able to reuse code that is already in the package for other projects, which means less development work overall. So, keep this in mind when moving forward.

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Using This Tool Can Be Highly Beneficial

The above answer to “what is a NuGet package” will allow you to leverage all of the utility that’s available to you. From here, you can continue building a solid foundation of programming knowledge to help you take your skills to new heights.

Looking for more tips that can help you out later on? Check out the rest of our blog for plenty of useful information.

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