What is a Microcurrent machine used for

What is a Microcurrent machine used for

When someone talks about anti-aging, microcurrent facials are always at their zenith to treat saggy skin effectively. These machines use low-voltage electricity to assist new cell growth in the skin. Some good things about these therapies are that their treatments are painless, injection-free, non-surgical, and non-invasive.

Moreover, they provide instant results and diminishes wrinkles, fine lines.  Regular treatment using a microcurrent machine helps the skin to become plumper, rejuvenated, hydrated and lifted. Microcurrent therapy is beneficial not only for your skin’s glow and health but for many other medical conditions as well.

Microcurrent therapy is used in the following situations to treat the patient.


Microcurrent therapy is used to treat:


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Back Pain
  • Fractures
  • Disk and supports injuries
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Joint pain

How does microcurrent treatment works:

Our body has a natural electrical current that uses electromagnetic signals to help out the inner cells to communicate easily. But when someone has an injury their cells cannot communicate because the electromagnetic cells become injured and weaker. Then microcurrent machine supplies low-voltage micro-current to the specific injured parts of the body to heal faster using non-invasive treatment.

Microcurrent treatment to sculpt the facial features:

Microcurrent treatment to sculpt the facial features

Microcurrent facials perform their effective role to enhance your facial definition. These facials help in the production of collagen to make your skin tighter and plumper. This therapy eliminates the signs of skin aging and the results are instant and clear. This therapy does redefine your cheekbones, jawline, and skin around your eyes will become revitalized.

Microcurrent facials are similar to gym work out of face:

Microcurrent facials stimulate collagen and muscles under the deeper skin layers to tighten the laxity of your skin. You need to take regular secessions of this therapy to tighten, hydrate, and rejuvenate the laxity of your skin. It enables the skin cells to grow and repair themselves by boosting them.

Basically, the machine consists of two metal prongs that deliver low-voltage electromagnetic current on your skin to stimulate collagen and increase skin cell growth to elastin your skin and make it healthier looking.

Non- Invasive treatment:

During this therapy, a patient doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort on their skin. Simply two metal prongs will move on the skin to lift and enhance the features.

Many people feel nothing while this therapy but a few experience little tangling on their skin.

You don’t need surgical and painful treatments in fact this therapy will provide great relaxation and refreshment to its candidate.

Microcurrent facials at home or salon?

Microcurrent therapy can be done by yourself at home as well as at salons professionally. It depends on your skin’s condition and budget. Microcurrent therapy at home can be more economical than professional treatments. All you need is a good microcurrent device, a conductive gel, and some important instructions to do this therapy. Usually, a microcurrent device rages from $200 to $500.

But if wrinkles and laxity are severe then you might need professional treatment for your skin. The salon therapy will cost you around $250 to $500 per secession.

People with certain medical conditions should avoid this treatment:

This therapy is safe for all people but some people including pregnant women, cardiovascular patients and epilepsy patients should avoid this treatment.

Wrap up:

Microcurrent is an elegant therapy for beauty seekers. Many celebrities also use it to maintain their beauty and youth. If you are interested in this therapy then this article will give you a good guideline to decide about it. Read the complete article to know microcurrent machine uses, functions, and features in detail.

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