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What Happened To Angry Birds?

What Happened To Angry Birds


Remember Rovio’s Angry Birds? It took the online gaming world by storm, and App Development Companies have grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. One of the greatest inventions of recent years is how online gaming has evolved across multiple devices, which has served to create a gaming experience par excellence. App Developers Australia are the brains behind such amazingly innovative ideas that have created some truly enjoyable gaming experiences.

What Happened To Angry Birds?

Job Vacancies in the online space are aplenty especially when it comes to game creators. This is not really going to change any time soon. In fact, the only prediction is that jobs for game developers will increase as the years go by. The reason for this is that many more people will get online, and there will be a greater demand for online games. Having said that, games like Angry Birds will come and go. The reason why Angry Birds ended up in oblivion is because the creators of such a game decided that it doesn’t make sense to keep developing the game for new devices.

Rovio has gone on the record saying that they will be developing new titles. The main reason is that smartphone devices are improving and these games are not compatible with these newer devices. What this means is that Angry Birds Classic is not available to be downloaded and enjoyed any more. This is also due to the fact that marketplace requirements keep changing as well.

The older games as per Rovio were created in an era in the mobile games industry, which did not cater to live-services and consistent updates that were technological in nature. The main issue is compliance with App store requirements. All in all, this is technology for you. All games need a content update, and it does take a great deal of effort and work to ensure this happens. Having said that, stay tuned to Rovio’s Twitter feed to see what great games and updates they are creating just for you.


Angry Birds may have had a great spell in creating some truly great entertainment, but Rovio has come up with some amazing games that are powerful alternatives. Angry Birds Reloaded is a new iteration of the Angry Birds franchise, which you can play. Having said that, remember that Rovio recently said that they are working on some new iterations that are sure to be a real hit with their long term fans.

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