What Are the Advantages of Using PDF Files?

What Are the Advantages of Using PDF Files?

PDF Format, or in other words, Portable Document Format, is a portable document type developed by Adobe Systems Inc. in 1992. Over time, the PDF file has proven to be particularly useful in the field of converting paper documents to digital ones. An important feature of the PDF file is the fact that it is an open standard supported by the ISO organization. PDF files can contain links, buttons, form fields, audio and video elements, and can be electronically signed.

PDF documents can be read on PCs, tablets, smartphones and dedicated e-book readers. Compatibility is very wide. Additionally, a PDF document allows you to add bookmarks, navigation buttons, thumbnails, internal and external links, form fields, article threads and comments. Moreover, PDF files, regardless of the program used, do not change their formatting. Therefore, unlike the Word format, they are ideal for printing, especially when the document is transferred between different computers.


The advantages of using PDF files

PDF files are smaller in size than their HTML counterparts, making them great as attachments on a website. Documents can also be “linearized,” allowing the user to start viewing a file before it is completely downloaded. Overall, sharing PDF documents is safe because you can prevent others from editing, printing, or copying the content. They are therefore ideally suited for online publication purposes.

We use PDF files stored online for purposes such as:

  • A convenient way to fill out forms,
  • Providing standardized document templates,
  • Sharing various types of electronic publications (books, magazines, etc.),
  • A convenient way to store and share scanned documents.

What do we need to open PDF files?

Basic viewing of PDF documents can be performed using the popular Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge, which comes with Windows. This form of use will show its limitations quite quickly when we deal with many PDF documents. Therefore, having an appropriate PDF viewer in your application toolbox is very important, not to mention the right program if you want to convert PDF files or work with multiple PDF files.

SwifDoo PDF is enough to read PDF documents

SwifDoo PDF is enough to read PDF documents

SwifDoo PDF is an essential tool for handling PDF files on the Windows platform. It is a relatively light, fast-starting program. Using it, you can add comments, highlight text, secure it with signatures or share documents by e-mail.

SwifDoo PDF for working on PDF documents is equipped with the necessary functions, including: printing documents, searching for phrases, the ability to copy text and the ability to copy any fragment of the document in the form of graphics to the clipboard.

In short, it is a generally praised PDF viewer, although it is not perfect either. In the past, the company had security problems, and currently the tool is heavily criticized for the readability and functionality of the user interface.

Are you looking for a professional PDF reader? Get to know SwifDoo PDF Pro

Get to know SwifDoo PDF Pro

SwifDoo PDF Pro is the latest version of the very popular and free viewer of documents saved in PDF format. Its capabilities do not end with basic viewing functions (such as PDF bookmark support). In addition to viewing PDF files, it also efficiently handles form filling, encrypted materials and documents with digital signatures. Yes, it is not just a PDF reader, but advanced PDF editor software.

There is no cost to use the basic functions to view PDF files, especially for home use. However, many functions in SwifDoo PDF are available only in the paid version of the application. This type of solution is also needed if we plan to support the PDF format within institutions – companies, offices, universities, where different types of licenses are required.

Do you need paid PDF programs?

Yes and no. For basic viewing of PDF documents, the free application is enough. Over time, however, expectations regarding the program increase and the need for a professional tool useful in reading and editing PDF files will appear on the horizon sooner than we think.

PDF documents are truly ubiquitous. With their help, all kinds of textbooks, instructions, official and company documents are distributed on the Internet. No wonder, because after all, PDF files have many advantages, such as convenience, compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software, and formatting invariance.

Another important advantage of the PDF format is security – in this format you can easily change document security settings. In other words, it is worth investing in an application such as SwifDoo PDF that allows you to view PDF files – especially if we are talking about a business or official environment.

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