Top 7 Latest Air Technology Devices Everyone Should Know About

Top 7 Latest Air Technology Devices Everyone Should Know About

Air technology is everywhere, and it affects almost every aspect of our lives. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the internet, and the Cloud all use it, while culture and science rely on it. The march of technological progress this past year has seen incredible strides.

If you’re interested in new digital innovations, you’re in the right place. Check out this list of the top 7 latest air technology devices you should know.


1. The DJI FPV Drone

If you’ve ever wanted a direct view of what it’s like to fly, then the DJI FPV drone from Dr Drone is for you. As far as drone technology goes, this one offers an exhilarating rush. Not only can the drone itself reach 140km/h, but it does so while you’re wearing a full visual headset.

While this setup is often used in drone-racing, it’s never been so user-friendly. A 10km range and 0-96kmph in 2 seconds flat give you plenty of maneuverability. The excellent camera and first-person view allow for an unparalleled filming experience.

This sky technology also provides excellent stability while flying and filming.

2. MyQ Pet Portal

Air technology isn’t only great for improving your own life. They can also improve your pet’s. This is what MyQ Pet Portal is all about.

It uses wireless technology attached to your pet’s collar, so your pet can go out even when you’re not home. This collar will sync to an app you can install on your phone. The pet door installed in your door can detect when your pet tries or needs to leave.

3. Furbo Dog Camera

Dog-parents rejoice with yet another innovation that helps them care for their beloved dogs. Though the concept of the Furbo Dog Camera has been around for a while now, improvements keep on coming. This version was recently updated.

Dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety is challenging for dog parents. Sometimes you might miss each other, and your pup might struggle while you’re away. It’s always important to reinforce proper behavior, and this is where the Furbo Dog Camera comes in.

This device has an HD camera and microphone to let you and your pup talk to each other whenever you need to. What’s more, it will detect if your dog is barking or whining and send notifications to your phone. From there, it’s easy to talk to your dog on camera and calm them down.

4. Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

We’ve all heard about wireless phone charging, but there’s always a catch. Usually, it requires you to place your phone near a physical device or place it on a charging plate of some kind. While it’s nice not to need a physical cable connection, having to keep your phone stationary is a pain.

What if I told you it didn’t need to be? Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology offers true wireless charging with unprecedented freedom. While development is still ongoing, Mi Air Charge is set to revolutionize how we charge our devices.

This technology works by having a charging device that charges your phone as long as you’re in the room. This central box has 144 micro-antennas sending energy towards your device. The second you walk into range, the device begins charging your phone without any input from you.

Working demos show that Mi Air Charge can charge your phone even while in use. You can walk around, make important phone calls, play games, or watch a movie – your phone will continue to charge. Physical obstacles in the room don’t affect charging at all.

Imagine never having to put your phone on a charging plate again!

5. Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope

Some of the best examples of new space technology are right here on Earth. The Vespera Smart Telescope is a brand new way to explore and enjoy the cosmos wirelessly. You don’t even need to do any work.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an astronomy expert or brand new to star-gazing. This telescope is very easy to use. Set up the Vespera somewhere, connect it to your device through the app, and explore the universe.

A GPS points the telescope towards whatever you want to look at. Powerful sensors pick up images and stream them to your screen using Wi-Fi. The camera takes high-quality photos for you to study or share later, and you can schedule observations to capture while you sleep.

The app always keeps you updated on points of interest and new events you might wish to see. It’s never been easier to appreciate the universe from anywhere you want to be.

6. Meeting Owl Pro

The global pandemic has thrown everyone’s working and personal life into a loop. Missing the feeling of being in the room with our friends, family, and colleagues is normal. Meeting Owl Pro is one of the best air devices that addresses this need.

This device offers a full 360-degree virtual meeting experience. It uses eight microphones to pinpoint positional sound and a powerful speaker to immerse you. Through these, the Meeting Owl Pro can replicate the feeling of a real meeting.

The device connects to your phone or computer using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A 360-degree camera captures everyone’s face and zooms in on who’s currently speaking. It works well with Zoom and similar programs and almost makes you forget the meeting is virtual.

7. Signia Active Pro Hearables

Hearing aids don’t have to be clunky, ugly, or low-tech. Signia has the solution with their Active Hearables. Not only are they stylish, but they come with high-tech features everyone will wish they had. These include full phone support through a companion app and some serious software.

Signia uses intelligent software to provide a top-tier high-definition hearing experience. Special acoustic sensors and their “Dynamic Soundscape Processing” allow for natural sound. Even if you or the sounds around you are moving or changing, Active Hearables ensures you hear what’s important to you with perfect clarity.

These high-tech hearing aids also connect to your phone via Bluetooth. This means you can make direct calls and stream music hassle-free in high quality. A small portable charging case offers three charges and also wireless charging capability.

Air Technology Keeps Getting Better

We’ve seen the future, and it’s the continued domination of air technology. Every year pumps out innovations more impressive than the last. Air technology is sure to keep opening up new horizons.

For more information on the latest in air tech devices, be sure to check out our site and blog. We have plenty of informative articles for you to peruse.

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