Top 5 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Gamer Boyfriend

Top 5 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Gamer Boyfriend

With the holiday season starting to creep up again, have you considered gift ideas for your gamer boyfriend? If you’re completely lost when it comes to gaming, don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Here, you’re about to pick up some epic gift ideas that’ll surely wow your boyfriend this holiday season.

Since everyone knows that gamers are serious about gaming – it’s not just a game to them – it’s important to think like your boyfriend when choosing a gift. That’s what this journey is all about. To get you in the mindset of a real gamer. Now, it’s time to unveil the ideas.


1) Gaming Headset Stand

When a gamer is entrenched in game mode, their undoubtedly sporting their favorite pair of headphones. During this time, noise-canceling headphones come to mind that allow the gamer to roam free of distractions. Does you boyfriend use headphones while gaming?

If the answer is yes, then the perfect accessory is a gaming headset stand. A good one not only holds headphones when not in use, but it also features USB charging ports and power outlets to keep everything in one place, including a smartphone, headphones, and other accessories.

If your boyfriend currently doesn’t have one of these or his current one is looking outdated, this is the perfect gift idea.

2) Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is essentially a gamer’s throne. Without a good one, long gaming sessions can quickly get uncomfortable. For this reason, professional gamers and serious gamers alike always own a professional-grade gaming chair. If your boyfriend is big & tall, he might have trouble finding a chair that suits him.

Several brands rise to the top in the big and tall gaming chair category, click here to view your best options. Should you decide to take this route as a gift idea for your gamer boyfriend, he’s surely going to appreciate the thought and think of you each time he mounts his throne. All in all, you can’t go wrong by choosing this one as your gift.

3) Your Princess Is in Another Castle Welcome Mat

As far as indoor welcome mats go, this one is the perfect gift idea from a girlfriend to a gamer boyfriend. It brings back the retro Super Mario Bros. style that all gamers can appreciate, and it even makes your boyfriend think of you each time he enters his gaming shrine.

The only real downfall here is that the mat is not exactly intended for heavy outdoor use, which could lead to the print fading sooner than you’d like. Depending on where you plan for him to put it, this may or may not be the perfect affordable gift idea for this holiday season.

4) LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

For gamers who are also fans of LEGO, it doesn’t get much cooler than this. Whether you think your boyfriend will like to build it or not, this is the perfect addition to any gaming room as a front-seat decoration. The complete set is over 2,000 pieces, and it comes with more than just the original NES console.

In total, there’s a TV, remote control, TV stand, game cartridge, and the console itself. It’s almost impossible to think that any gamer wouldn’t enjoy putting this together. Who knows, maybe you can even join in on the fun and put it together with your boyfriend before making it a centerpiece in his gaming room.

5) Razer Kishi Android Controller

Is your boyfriend constantly gaming on his phone? Well, this is where the Razer Kishi Android Controller comes into play. It’s the perfect addition to any Android phone for the constant smartphone gamer. Essentially, it wraps around any Android phone to improve the accuracy and comfort of gameplay.

On top of that, it also allows for pass-through charging using a USB Type C charging port. How cool is that? That means your boyfriend won’t even have to disconnect the controller to charge his phone in the middle of gameplay.

The only real downside to this gift idea is that it could dramatically increase the number of hours your boyfriend plays games on his phone, so tread carefully with this one.


These are five of the coolest gift ideas for your gamer boyfriend to consider this holiday season. By choosing even one of these gifts, you’re bound to surprise him. He’ll instantly be able to tell that you did your research to find him the perfect gift, and how sweet is that? Can’t you already see your bond growing stronger?

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