What are the tips that should be followed when using a paraphrasing tool?

paraphrasing tool

If you want to know about concept of paraphrasing tools and want to know about tips you have to follow while using them, you are in right place. In this post, we would tell you what paraphrasing tools are and the tips that would help you in effective paraphrasing/spinning.

Paraphrasing is an important technique that refers to rewriting and restating content created by another person without compromising its core idea. Paraphrasing seems easy but is not. It requires expert-level skills and practice to master the art of paraphrasing.

This is why people tend to use online paraphrasing tools instead of learning and executing manual paraphrasing!


What are paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing tools are online utilities that can help you rewrite content automatically using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. The paraphrasing tools would take reference post or plagiarized content as input and spin it into unique versions.

There are dozens of reliable paraphrasing tools available on internet, and so you have to select one which suits your requirements most carefully. You would find free and paid paraphrasing tools in this league.

Tips you should follow while using Paraphrasing Tools

When using paraphrasing tools, you must follow some expert tips to stay away from any trouble.

●      Make sure Starting point of content is different from original version

When you are using an online paraphrasing tool, you have to make sure that the introductory sentence or passage of post is different from reference article. Now tools cannot completely change passage because this is not how they are designed to work. So when a tool spins your content, you have to ensure that you read, focus, and edit starting point if needed.

●      Enter your pet words and synonyms

Many paraphrasing tools allow you to enter your pet words or synonyms that you generally use so that they can use the update and match the vocabulary as yours. If you don’t provide words and phrases you frequently use, tool will enter alternate words instead, making article artificial. So when you are paraphrasing, please work with paraphrasing tool you have to ensure that you check synonyms and words used. You should simplify synonyms and words so that post looks natural.

●      Check structure of the paraphrased content

When you are using a paraphrasing tool, you always have to check the spun content structure. You have to check and ensure that the voice of paraphrased version is different from original version. If the original version is written in an active voice, you have to make sure that spun version is passive and vice versa.

●      Always keep yourself in the word limit posed by tool

In paraphrasing tools, you can enter word input to a certain level. Most paraphrasing tools today can cater 1000 to 1500 words worth of input. If you try to enter more words than limit, it will simply ruin quality of paraphrased content. If you don’t want the quality of content to be affected, you should simply make sure that you are within your limits when entering input.

●      Select right spin mode

Online article rewriter like RewriteGuru offers multiple spinning modes. When using this free paraphrasing tool, you have to make sure that you select right spinning mode. Generally, there are three types of paraphrasing modes offered by AI-powered tools. These include manual spinning, medium spinning, and ultra spinning. These are three levels of spinning that you can set. Now it is up to you to select level which suits your requirements. Experts recommend that a user should use smart or medium spinning modes.

●      Check plagiarism in paraphrased content

Not all paraphrasing tools are reliable, so you have to make sure that you always check plagiarism in paraphrased by online tools. In this way, you can also be sure of the quality and reliability of the article rewriter.

●      Always proofread paraphrased content

When you use paraphrasing tools for rewriting content, it is religiously important that you read new content. Reading paraphrased content would help you understand readability of article. You would be shocked to know that more than 70% of paraphrasing tools on web would always create artificial and low-quality content. This is why you must check readability of content.

●      Spin content multiple times

If you are not satisfied with quality of content created by paraphrasing tools, you can spin them again. Online paraphrasing tools allow you to spin the same content multiple times until you are satisfied with the outcomes.

So these are some helpful tips and rules that you have to consider while using word spinners!

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