This Is How to Take Great Photos for Instagram

This Is How to Take Great Photos for Instagram

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to Instagram, this is true!

Knowing how to take great photos for Instagram is a sure way of gaining more Instagram followers and increasing the reach of your posts. You don’t have to be a natural photographer to take great photos, you just have to understand some basic photography concepts such as composition and lighting.

If you’re wanting to up your snapshot game for Instagram, read on for a few simple tips to fine-tune your feed and get those likes flooding in.


Step 1: Choose Natural Light Over a Flash

Good lighting is the magic that makes an ordinary photo, extraordinary. Using a flash tends to flatten your photo and make your subject look washed out. Natural light creates a rich depth to your images and subject matter that is breathtaking. Taking advantage of natural light will elevate your phone photography.

What if you can’t be outdoors? Make full use of windows or rooms that are flooded with natural light. At night, with little natural light around, it is still better to play with ambient light sources such as well-lit store windows or street lights, than resort to a flash.

Step 2: Avoid Overexposure

Overexposure simply means there was too much light hitting the sensor as the photo was taken. It results in photos that are washed out and have lost a lot of detail. There aren’t any editing tools that can fix an overexposed image.

On the other hand, a photo that’s taken too dark can be brightened with editing tools.

To avoid overexposure, adjust the lighting on your phone screen. Tap your screen and slide your finger to change the level of exposure. You can also tap on the brightest area on your screen and adjust it there.

Step 3: Use Nature’s Own Instagram Filters

Nature has its own built-in filters that you can take advantage of to produce the kinds of images that will make you famous on Instagram.

Those glowing moments before the sun sets are known as golden hour for good reason. Let the lighting play and you can simply capture the moments.

Midday sun is harsh and produces stark photographs. Clouds at midday create a softer effect that lends itself to great images.

Step 4: Learn the Principles, Then Practice

Even once you know all the tips on the internet, you still need to put in the time to practice and apply them. After each shoot, analyze your photos to see what worked and what didn’t. Track the posts that are already on Instagram. Look at the popular ones, figure out what makes them popular.

If you want to trigger algorithms in your favor, you can buy automatic Instagram likes as greater exposure of engaging content leads to more Instagram followers.

Knowing How To Take Great Photos Is The Start

Knowing how to take great photos time and time again is a good start towards getting more Instagram likes. Keep thinking creatively and using different Instagram ideas. Constantly track what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be on your way to becoming famous on Instagram.

If you found this article helpful, you’ll find a ton more great social media tips under our social media tab.

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