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The Importance of Maintaining Good Home Air Quality

The Importance of Maintaining Good Home Air Quality

Did you know that the air inside your home may be more polluted than the outdoor air? This is true for nearly any commercial building a well, so it might not be better when you go to work or go to the grocery store.

And Americans spend most of their time inside. So whatever is in the air is getting into you. And after a few years, your indoor air quality can really start to affect you physically and mentally.

That’s why taking steps to improve home air quality is so important. They say that we are what we eat. But I would argue that what you breathe 24/7 is just as important as the food you put in your body.

Keep reading below to see just how important it is to improve air quality at home, and anywhere else that you might frequent, such as your workplace.

What Makes Home Air Quality So Bad?

There are many things that contribute to indoor air pollution. Poor construction materials are a major offender, which is common in older homes before people knew how damaging asbestos and lead paint were.

Along with that, more and more people have multiple pets at home, from dogs and cats to birds and rodents. And all of that hair and pet dander adds up to create an allergen-rich environment.

And thanks to modern building practice, homes are becoming more and more airtight. While this can make homes more energy-efficient, it means that your air is staying put, and isn’t recycled very much.

Since people spend so much of their time indoors, at home, it’s vital that they invest in air quality monitoring, and steps to reduce indoor air pollution.

Doing so can lower the effects of allergies. It can reduce the risks of viruses, lower the prevalence of asthma attacks, and overall improve your wealth and wellness.

Achieving Healthy Air Quality

So what does it take to get good air quality in the home? For starters, it’s all about removing as many of the air quality offenders in your home as possible.

One of the most important is your air ducts. Many people never clean their air ducts. For decades, their ducts fills with dust, debris, mold, and sometimes even critters. The air coming from your furnace or air conditioner passes through all of the junk in your ducts before dispersing throughout the home.

Hiring a company like Larsen HVAC to clean your ducts is one huge step forward. Make sure you are replacing air filters frequently, and using the best filters you can buy, to prevent all debris and allergens from getting through.

Getting rid of bad chemicals is also important. Switch from chemical-based home cleaners to all-natural ones. Skip the dryer sheets and fabric softener, and instead use wool dryer balls.

Open your windows for a few minutes each day to replace all of the air in your home with fresh air. And if you want, consider getting an air purifier for your home.

Investing in Your Health and Wellness

Home air quality can be a blessing or a curse. If your home air is polluted, you’ll be sick more often, have more allergies, and lower the quality of your life.

But if the air quality in your home is healthy, you’ll feel healthy and full of life. Taking a few of the steps listed above can go a long way to make your home a true safe haven.

Looking for more health and wellness tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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