The Complete Guide to Gambling with Crypto for Beginners


Cyrptocurrency — it’s the talk of the century. Head over to any news website out there, and you’ll find tons of cryptocurrency news from tons of points of view. One thing is for certain — crypto is on its way to transforming our world.

If you’re a crypto early adopter — or just someone who’s very curious — you might be wondering how far you can take this new type of currency. You might even be wondering if gambling with crypto is possible.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about using cryptocurrency for gambling.


Consider Price Fluctuations

The biggest question mark surrounding cryptocurrency is exactly how much it’s worth. While US dollars change worth as well, the price of even the most stable cryptocurrencies can switch rapidly overnight.

At first, it might seem like Ethereum is your best option, since it’s among the most secure price-wise. However, there have lately been significant transaction fees on all Ethereum interactions. You might end up losing significant amounts of money even if you do win at the casino.

We recommend going with Bitcoin, since it’s simply the most popular cryptocurrency around right now. Bitcoin is the most trusted name in cryptocurrency — often being used as a synecdoche for all of the cryptocurrency itself.

One of the best crypto casino sites is even called Bitcoin Casino — with a name like that, it’s easy to tell which currency you should go with.

Treat it Like a Normal Casino

Crypto casinos are the casinos of the future, so if you want to make money on one in the present, you’re going to have to treat it like a normal casino. Don’t act any differently than you would in a normal casino — obey your standard gambling rules, and you won’t wind up in a bind.

Learn Some Casino Rules

If you’re not an experienced gambler, it would help to learn some tricks of the trade. These could easily be applied to crypto gambling.

Figure out which betting style works best for you — choose if you want a game that requires more skill, or something entirely based on luck. Sometimes, a luck-based game (such as poker), can become a skill-based game through betting. (You can’t control the way that the cards come out, but you can control how much you bet on a particular hand.)

Never Spend Too Much in One Go

When gambling in a casino, it can be very easy to fall into the sunken cost fallacy. If you lose a certain amount of money, it can feel like it’s not worth it to go home unless you make that money back.

However, the money is already lost, and the fact that you’ve lost a certain amount of times already doesn’t mean you’re about to win it back.

People who fall into this fallacy wind up dumping more and more money into a losing cause, certain that their luck is about to turn around. In these cases, it’s best to go against your emotions and just head home.

Gambling With Crypto is Easier Than It Seems

Gambling with crypto is the way of the future. However, that shouldn’t stop you from engaging with it in the present. Follow our tips on choosing crypto casinos, and you’re far more likely to have a great time gambling with crypto.

For more articles like this and to learn more about an online gambling site, check out the rest of our blog.

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