The Best Gadgets for Fitness

The Best Gadgets for Fitness

Gadgets are indispensable companions for fitness fans. Electronic assistants control the state of the body during workouts, monitor the sleep regime, help you start sports as easily as playing at 22Bet, and just don’t let you get bored. Here are the most interesting devices which will make sports more pleasant, useful and effective.


Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Smartwatch 45 mm

Executed in a classic design with a leather strap watch doesn’t look like a sports gadget and suits to a business suit no worse than a sports suit. However, in the gym, the strap can be easily replaced with a more appropriate one: silicone or rubber. Moisture protection class IP68 allows you to swim and dive in the pool with a gadget on hand. When water gets on the screen, it locks instantly.

The device is equipped with a whole set of functions to track health and physical activity, training programs in the branded application, voice coach. Built-in sensors record heart rate readings, blood oxygen content, record falls and send an urgent call to a pre-set contact.

The watch is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, and when syncing with Samsung smartphones, a unique function is connected – taking electrocardiograms in a simplified version, to check the presence of atrial fibrillation.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The model offers 30 fitness modes with automatic recognition of six types of training, and the ability to control music playback becomes an additional incentive for physical activity. A set of breathing exercises with animated cues on the screen is provided for the recovery of the body.

Besides tracking standard activity indicators (number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate in quiet and active states), the device determines the level of stress, blood oxygen saturation, breathing quality during sleep. To view the information, simply download the Xiaomi Wear app, available for Android and iOS smartphones.

The bracelet is controlled by gestures on the touch screen, which occupies the entire front panel. Battery capacity gives two weeks of battery life with sensors on and 19 days in power-saving mode. It takes about two hours to fully charge.

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scales

Scales that can show the ratio of fat, muscle and bone tissue in the body are indispensable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Garmin Index S2 remembers up to sixteen regular users, differentiating them by weight and switching easily between profiles.

The device communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the readings are displayed on a small, bright display. You can view your biometric measurements over the course of a day or month in the Garmin Connect app, where they are presented in tables and graphs. Comparing results can help you adjust your nutrition or exercise regimen.

The Garmin Index S2 integrates with other Garmin gadgets, so you can see full fitness tracker statistics in one app.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles FSG2

Unique augmented reality goggles give you access to real-time indicators of swim quality. They were developed with the participation of famous athletes and coaches and allow you to track data:

  • Times.
  • The distance traveled and the remaining distance.
  • Number and frequency of strokes.
  • Calories burned.

All information is transmitted to the transparent display built into the lens. The device is distinguished from conventional goggles by a barely noticeable thickening near one of the lenses. It contains an onboard computer with sensors and a battery. The app, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, allows you to customize the display of the desired indicators, as well as to view the results and track the dynamics of changes.

The glasses fit different head sizes due to the adjustable strap length and interchangeable nose bridge baffles. The lenses have a special anti-fog coating that is resistant to the environment. Allowable depth of immersion is 10 m and the battery lasts for 16 hours.

Lumo Lift Electronic Posture Corrector

Physical exercise doesn’t always help to correct posture, but it affects the health of the spine and all internal organs! The problem can be solved with the help of an electronic gadget Lumo Lift. It’s a small fitness tracker, which is attached to the clothes adjacent to the body with magnets or clips – they are included with the charging station. The device supports synchronization with Android and iOS smartphones. Communication is performed via the Bluetooth module.

Before using the device, activate it using the Lumo Lift App and calibrate it, i.e. set the correct pose. The sensor will remind about the deviation from it by vibration at certain intervals. The triggering interval can be selected in the app in the range from 3 sec to 9 min, by default it’s 2 min.

The sensor can count steps and calories spent. The app displays statistics by day on the number of hours spent with correct posture and on activity – distance walked and calories burned.

CrazyCap LYT Smart Water Bottle With UV Sterilizer

Your body’s health depends a lot on the quality of drinking water. CrazyCap Smart Bottle makes water from any source safe without the use of special filters or chemicals. The small volume of 500 ml makes it easy to carry with you when hiking or exercising.

The container is made of stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and organic acids. The sealed lid contains a rechargeable battery, control chip and an LED lamp with intensive UV light, which destroys up to 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms. The UV sterilizer automatically turns on every 4 hours for 20 seconds to prevent mold from forming on the vessel walls.

There is no mercury in the lamp design, so it is safe to use. There is a touch button on the lid:

  • Double press activates normal mode to purify tap water for 1 minute.
  • Pressing it five times activates the deep cleaning mode for natural spring water – rivers and lakes.

The lid can be used separately to disinfect any surfaces. It is fully waterproof and will survive immersion in water up to 1m for 30 minutes. Rechargeable battery lasts up to a week in normal operation. You can check the charge level by touching the sensor:

  • The light will turn green if the charge is greater than 50%.
  • Orange if it’s 25-49%.
  • Red when the charge level is less than 25%.

Included is a proprietary charger that restores the battery in 2 hours.

Xiaomi Yunmai Intelligent Training Jump Rope

One hour of training with the jump rope allows you to burn over 1,000 kcal. Xiaomi Intelligent Jump Rope counts jumps on its own and teaches new exercise techniques with video instructions. When used with the Mechat widget, you can have a competition with your friends or share your progress. Numerous sensors sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and send data to the cloud, where all training statistics are stored.

The steel wire with polyurethane braid makes it strong and flexible, and its length can be adjusted according to your height. Smooth and silent rotation of the cord is ensured by bearings placed in the handles. They are designed for 10 million rotations and can withstand any load.

It only takes two hours to fully charge it. With two hours of daily use, the gadget can last up to five months of battery life.

Sony NW-WS413 Headphone Player for Swimming

Music during exercise improves your coordination and helps you cope more easily with challenging exercises. A waterproof headphone player that works equally well on land and underwater is a great option for sports. It’s waterproof and saltwater-resistant, and you can dive just 2 meters underwater with the included ear protectors and speaker protectors.

To control each cup has a group of keys, which are convenient and easy to press. A separate button activates Ambient Sounds mode, which allows you to listen to music without distracting from the sounds around you. This feature is especially useful for jogging outside or exercising with a trainer.

The model comes in two versions – with 4GB and 6GB of internal memory. You can use free Sony applications to download files from your computer. The audio formats supported are MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV.

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