Life is often considered one of the most beautiful periods in everybody’s life. It is when one can enjoy each day without worrying about the day after. But like everything else in life, it too has to come to an end. For most students, it never dawns on them that it is about to end until they reach the very final day of school. The sudden change in life might be overwhelming.

The creation of School Leaver Employment Support was to address this very issue. It provides all the necessary support for students who are on the verge of becoming working adults. It involves every single aspect, from mental support to resume preparation. Here is a detailed look at each of those aspects:


Identification of one’s skills:

It is the most significant aspect in the transformation of a student from a learner to a professional. Every individual has some inborn talent that can be useful for the betterment of society in some way or the other. But most students discover their talent much later in life that makes it wasteful. Employment support personal accesses both the student’s academic record and one’s unique talent to find the best career option possible. It is necessary to do so because that is a potential job that one would do for the rest of one’s life.

Training and mentoring:

It is not just enough to find a student’s interests. It is equally important to make one excel in it. One has to make sure that the teenager is ready to face the modern world. The training has to happen practically with an emphasis on activities and exercises. Students must work as a team because most modern problems require input from various sectors. The trainer must understand the student’s positives and negatives to produce better results.

A recent study on Factors affecting learning behaviour in students showed that students learn better if the teacher has better knowledge of the student’s psyche. The training process needs to occur organically to achieve the goal. Some skills also need to be introduced to a student when they are about to enter a field. Skills like critical thinking, team management and communication skills need to be improved. These skills may not look great on paper but are essential when working among people of varying ages and experience. It will help the student in the long run.

Resume and interview preparation:

An upcoming professional must know how to impress the interviews whom they are about to face. The best way to do so is by having a great resume. A proper resume creates a good first impression among the interviewers as it is crucial. An interview is one where there is no room for mistakes. A single flaw can cause one their job. It is imperative to have many mock interviews to correct one’s errors and learn ways to create a better impression. A School Leaver Employment Support helps the student by conducting several mock interviews with varying questions and situations. It also helps in overcoming one’s fear and nervousness during interviews.

Finding job opportunities:

Australia provides a lot of job opportunities to youngsters. It is up to the individual to choose the one that suits them the best. Job is not always about the salary, at least not in the first few months. It is more about the experience one earns from it. Many companies provide jobs for gaining skill as it comes in handy while attending interviews. One will also get the chance to know about the working environment of the sector. One must try to get as much experience as possible to stand out from the crowd.

Arnold Bloom


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