Remote Desktop Cannot Connect to Remote Computer: Causes and Solutions

The Remote Desktop feature on Windows computers is pretty handy as it allows us to control and access the remote computer from our current device. An example of this would be accessing files on your work computer from the comfort of your home office.

However, to use this feature, you need a stable internet connection, both computers must be in the same ecosystem, and you need the correct credentials to log into the remote computer. Unfortunately, even in this case, there are certain factors that can cause the “remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer” error. Here we listed many reasons and solutions to how to fix the error remote desktop can’t find the computer.

Reasons why Remote Desktop won’t connect to the remote computer

While there are several reasons why you might see the “Remote Desktop cannot connect to the remote computer” error, first make sure you have the same credentials and a stable Internet connection on both computers. If you have them, then one of the following reasons may be the reason for the disconnection.

  • The remote computer you are trying to connect to be offline.
  • The remote computer is on a public network profile or not connected at all.
  • Remote access to the server that hosts the remote computer is not enabled.
  • Antivirus or firewall is blocking remote access.
  • Windows update may have messed up the remote access configuration.

In most cases, you will see the message “the remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer” due to limited network connections or incorrect firewall and antivirus settings. However, to help you figure out the issue, check out our solutions below.

Solutions to Fix Remote Desktop Not Connected to Remote Computer Error in Windows

Check Firewall

Very often, the Remote Desktop feature is blocked by the Windows Firewall. This is simply because Remote Desktop is not enabled by default in your firewall settings, so if you haven’t logged in and “allowed” it, it might cause you some errors.

Make sure remote connections are allowed

If you have not enabled remote connections on your computer, the Remote Desktop feature will not be able to connect to the remote computer.

Reset your login credentials

If you have credentials for a remote computer but want to connect to another, you will receive an error message indicating that the credentials do not match. You can reset or even delete Remote Desktop credentials in Windows.

Disable custom monitor scaling

If you have a larger monitor, you can enable the Custom Scaling feature so that it appears at the correct resolution like the computer you are accessing. This can sometimes cause Remote Desktop to not work.

include the IP address and server name to the Hosts file

If you try to connect to a host server and an internet protocol that is not stored in your hosts file, Windows may not allow you to connect. Here’s how to fix the error remote desktop can’t find the computer

Change the connection from public to private

If you are using a public connection, remote connections will be automatically disabled to protect your computer from unauthorized access. You can change the connection from public to private, which will allow you to use a remote desktop application.

Does a registry tweak to fix this with the RDGClientTransport key?

Please note that this is a technical fix, so be careful when following the steps. With this option, you can configure your computer’s registry so that the Remote Desktop feature uses an RPC / HTTP connection rather than an HTTP / UDP connection.

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