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Reasons to Have a Frameless Glass Shower

Reasons to Have a Frameless Glass Shower

We spend, on average, a total of 12,000 hours during our lifetime in the shower or bath. Since the shower is a place we just can’t get enough of, it makes sense to remodel your bathroom and make it more enjoyable!

One bathroom trend that will never go out of style is frameless glass showers. Instead of a moldy, worn-out shower curtain, ditch the bath over shower look and upgrade to a sleek glass door.

If you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level, here are a few amazing reasons to upgrade to a frameless glass shower.


Your Bathroom Will Be Easy to Clean

One of the best reasons to have a frameless shower is that maintenance will be easy. All you need is some bathroom cleaner and Windex and you can wipe clean your shower and glass walls in no time at all.

The minimalist design of this shower type means they’re no fiddly parts, grout, or hinges to worry about when you’re cleaning.

Frameless Glass Showers Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Something interior designers have known for years is that mirrors and glass can make your house appear larger. If you have a smaller bathroom and want to make it look more open and airy, then you can’t go wrong with a glass shower.

If you’re thinking of installing it yourself, here’s the frameless glass shower hardware you’ll need for the project.

They Let in Natural Light

If you don’t love overheard lighting, know that you can flood your bathroom with natural light with glass showers. Because they let in light from your window, it’ll be much easier to see what you’re doing—especially when shaving.

These Styles are Modern and Stylish

Homebuilders aren’t using framed glass shower doors these days. Instead, the modern, minimalist look is in style.

With a frameless shower, your bathroom will portray a look of elegance and is sure to get compliments when you have guests over. Even better, a modern bathroom can add to your home value, since an updated bathroom (and kitchen) is something buyers want if they’re spending top dollar.

In fact, they’re so modern and elegant that they make your bathroom feel like a spa—add a rain shower, a towel heater, and luxury bath products to make your morning shower feel like a day at the spa.

Update Your Bathroom Today

If your bathroom has seen better days, it might be time to invest in a renovation. With so many benefits of frameless glass showers, it makes sense to include one in your redesign.

You might be able to do it yourself, but otherwise, you can hire a bathroom contractor to get the job done. Once you select your design, your new shower will be up and running in just a few days.

Get ready to enjoy the decadent, beautiful shower experience that you’ve always dreamed of!

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