Pros and Cons of Moving to Denver

Pros and Cons of Moving to Denver

Denver is hands down one of the most beautiful places to visit on your next vacation, but if you’re thinking about making the move here permanently, there are a few things you should know. This capital city is full of fun things to do, delicious eats, and plenty of opportunity for anyone looking to make this city their home—but can it all be as perfect as it seems on a weekend getaway?

It’s hard to fully understand what it would be like living in a new area based on an online guide explaining the pros and cons, but we’ll try our best to guide you through some of the key things you should know before making the move to Denver. Let’s get started!


Pro: Natural Attractions

Denver is down-right gorgeous, and if spending time outdoors is your thing, then you are going to absolutely love it here. It might be considered a con that Colorado is a land-locked state, meaning no ocean views and beach adventures, but water lovers can easily find happiness at one of the many lakeside beaches.

Just about everywhere you turn, there’s an awesome natural adventure waiting to be had. From hiking to biking to kayaking, there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the rivers, lakes, and mountains. The abundance of natural beauty is astounding. If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, this is the place for you. Even those who aren’t a fan of exerting too much energy can still enjoy the natural beauty of Denver at attractions such as Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. There really is something to do for everyone.

Pro: Affordability

Compared to other large cities, living here is surprisingly affordable. Whether you’re looking at Denver houses for rent or purchase, you’re going to see significantly lower prices than in other urban areas around the country. This also applies to utilities and essentials, particularly when you’re looking at the extravagant prices of coastal cities. With everyone tightening their belts right now, this is a more important factor than ever.

Because of this, a lot of people are making the move to Denver, which may end up being a con down the road. If you are able to jump on the housing market right away, now is the time. The city is only going to be more populated as migration to this area continues.

Pro: Job Market

Along with affordable housing and utilities comes a booming job market, perfect for young professionals or families looking for secure employment during an insecure time. Denver is slowly becoming home to many large tech companies, and jobs are plentiful here in a number of other industries, such as aerospace, healthcare, and bioscience. Just about anyone can find something they love doing in Denver, and with the low cost of living, your salary can get you even further.

Con: Transportation

If you’re coming from another city, it’s likely you depend on public transportation to get around. If you’re coming from the suburbs or a rural area, you are probably reliant on your vehicle. Sadly, in Denver, you get the worst of both worlds. Public transportation isn’t the most reliable, so many people choose to drive. Inevitably, roads become quickly overcrowded at rush hour and you may find yourself with a longer drive to work than you’re used to. If you’re moving to Denver for a job opportunity, consider finding a home in biking or walking distance to work, or start getting into some new podcasts for your morning commute.

Con: Altitude

They don’t call it the Mile High City for nothing. Denver is over 5,000 ft above sea level, which may not mean a lot to you if altitude isn’t something you’ve ever had to consider. You may not think it will make an impact on your body, but let me tell you—if you’re not used to high altitudes, you’ll certainly be surprised. For reference, Los Angeles is 305 ft, NYC is 33 ft, and Houston is 79 ft.

With that being said, the altitude shift in Denver is something most people can easily adjust to over time. Altitude sickness often just lasts a day or two, and over-the-counter medication can help immensely. If you’re someone who travels a lot for work or for leisure, you may find the altitude change exhausting each time you leave, and then again when you return home. This can be a deterrent for some considering making the move to Denver, but others find the dry air can actually help with chronic health problems, such as respiratory issues.

Con: Weather

It’s important to mention that, first of all, Denver is an incredibly sunny city—you are closer to the sky, after all. If you’re looking for a relaxed, youthful vibe without the clouds and rain of the Pacific Northwest, Colorado is a great state to begin your hunt for a new home. However, the weather in this semi-arid region isn’t always the best, particularly in the winter months.

If you’re used to having four distinct seasons, or are looking forward to this, then Denver should have what you’re looking for, but be aware—the altitude and lack of humidity means dry skin and chapped lips all through the winter. You’ll also experience a decent amount of snow each year, so be prepared.

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