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Are you new to the world of fitness? If yes, you could be confused with the sheer presence of a huge number of options and ways to achieve your fitness goals. There are many ways in which you can achieve your dream figure. There are innumerable ways to get what you want. However, perhaps one of the best ways to achieve this is by using an app for your fitness. Vingo is one such app that has many advantages for the users. For a starter, you can use this app anywhere in the world. Once you get the app you will soon find that it is perhaps the best way to work on your fitness. There is nothing to worry or be worried about anything else.


Find the App on the App Store

As of now the app is readily available for downloads on the App Store for iOS. So, you can install the app on your iPhones and iPads. This way, you can get all the advantages such as creating a specialised and virtual world for your exercise with your phone itself. The app for other operating systems like Android, Windows and Mac is currently under development. It should be noted here that the app was previously available for the Windows devices. So, you can soon expect to use this amazing online running and cycling app on your personal computer too.

Connect with all Exercise Equipment

After installing the app on your mobile device, it is time for you to connect the same with the exercise equipment like your treadmill or exercise bike. The Vingo app comes with easy plug-play options for most equipment. So, you will be able to connect those using the Bluetooth in the iPhone. This way, all the data on the treadmill will seamlessly move to the app. The app then calculates how fast you are running and moves the virtual world depending on it. As a result you get a smooth experience for both running and cycling.

If you have an old version of your equipment that does not come with in-built sensors, then you can still connect it with the app by using ANT+ sensors as an interim sensor. These are small but effective sensors that detect the changes in your equipment and translate it into signals for your device to understand.

Fix a Goal & Achieve It

When you are starting your fitness journey the most important step is to fix a proper measurable and achievable goal within a time frame. So, make sure that you fix a goal on the app and plan a schedule for the same. The proof is in the pudding and the results are in the efforts. So, take appropriate steps for the same.

Use the App Free for a Year

If you download the app now, you can use it free for a year. Also the app for running routes provides you the ability to create 8 separate profiles under one account. That is fitness for your whole family!

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