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Mistakes Customers Make During Consultation for Doors and Windows

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So, finally, the time to replace the doors and windows of your house has come and maybe you are thinking of going for a consultation. Your window quote appointment is important not just to get the best deal but also to make sure that you buy exactly what you desire and know what you will be paying for. A lot of homeowners in Canada shopping for doors and windows do not do any research and don’t pay much heed while getting quotes. However, this is not right. Here are a few mistakes which we at Window Mart have noticed our clients making when consulting for doors and windows.

Not acquiring full information about the product and procedure before the consultation

The best thing you can do before your appointment is to familiarize yourself with what kind of doors and windows you are exactly looking for. Acquiring basic knowledge about a window installation will possibly help you come up with reasonable questions about your project. Asking the consultant all the needed questions will ensure you get the door and window you need. 

Not questioning about hidden installation charges

Window replacement projects include a lot of additional work to ensure the right installation takes place. You might be looking forward to increase the present opening to fit in a frame or to change your window style. No matter what the task is, it is important to question the procedure and materials involved in the project. Remember, do not sign a contract until all prices and fees have been talked about and agreed upon by both the parties.

Not discussing the manufacturing warranty conditions

Sometimes even when a company supplies and installs replacement doors and windows, their warranty conditions on labor and hardware may be different. Hence, make sure you clarify who is responsible for the different facets of ensuring the durability and maintenance of your project.

Not planning as per the timeline of the project

A lot of companies have to bear the outrage of their clients when they come to that the units cannot be installed within a week from signing the agreement. Even if the manufacturer and installer are local, the timeline for a casual Canadian window and door order make somewhere between 4-5 weeks. Hence, make sure you enquire about the delivery timings from before. If a company promises to deliver the product in a day or two, then either they are lying or they will provide you with poor quality items.

Not discovering the payment options

While you may not require any fiscal help to complete your installation, there are some customers who consider finance for their order, when they have big renovation projects. Window replacement is an expensive renovation project and hence sometimes you may need financial assistance. Hence, make sure you enquire about the different financing options available with the company.

Lastly, always remember to choose a company that is reliable and reputed. Do not forget to ask about their previous projects and seek references. A good company will happily answer all your queries.


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