Milesweb’s Managed Cloud Hosting A Smart Hosting Option

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MilesWeb is an Indian hosting company that offers various hosting services along with best cloud hosting. The present Indian cloud hosting market is witnessing competition among big players like AWS, GoDaddy, DigitalOcean, etc. Right from the time it introduced managed cloud hosting services, there are still plenty of things that make MilesWeb a wild card entry to the scenario.

Cloud hosting is by itself a very advanced service platform to host heavy-duty websites for businesses, high-maintenance web applications, etc. In addition to that, users get hosting services synonymous with dedicated hosting at a much lower price, thanks to its unique infrastructure. It is this very reason why cloud service has gained so much popularity among internet users and online entrepreneurs alike.  

Cloud hosting services are what we call the latest and most advanced hosting products of today. Only a handful of providers have the capability and the infrastructure to offer cloud hosting services. The market for cloud hosting is not saturated and, companies are monopolizing their regional as well as international markets.

Managed services for the cloud are not a new discovery for the product, in particular. In fact, a lot of well-known providers are pushing their managed services to provide a better customer experience to their clients. After all, it is a concierge service meant for enterprises or individuals hosting well-established business websites.

This article is based on our review of the managed cloud hosting services of MilesWeb. It will cover all the information we have researched about their cloud hosting. You will also get to know our opinion based on these assessments.


MilesWeb review

As a managed cloud user of MilesWeb, you will receive all the help and assistance to handle the hosting from the company. As the service is a managed hosting, the company will take over the duties like server maintenance, resource scaling, settings and configurations. Unlike self-managed cloud hosting services, you can leave the technical aspects of your cloud service to MilesWeb. 

The service plans are given below that cover most of the details like RAM, processing power and bandwidth. The plans also seem to have fair pricing considering the resources you get for a managed cloud hosting.

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MilesWeb offers SSL certifications for the website(s) you will host and a dedicated IP for your network. You also get to select the operating system for your hosting platform, making it more compatible with your website(s) and web applications.

On a different note, you can choose to buy a subscription to a control panel application from MilesWeb, instead of buying one from a third party. The prices for these application tools are at wholesale rates, meaning you will pay a fair market price for the control panel. Here are the subscription rates of MilesWeb for the control panel applications:


MilesWeb offers cloud hosting on its network of servers in India. The servers assure scalability of a high-class cloud on a 100Mb per second network. The cloud infrastructure itself is under the management of professionals and engineers of MilesWeb.

Standard Features

Full Root Access

The fully managed cloud hosting of MilesWeb is under the care of experts who can optimize the server performance and deal with any technical issue. However, you can check how things are going in the background on your own with the SSH access that you get with the hosting. 

The SSH access gives you administrative authority over your hosting. It allows you to make deep-rotted settings and configure the system as per your requirement.

Resource Monitoring Tool

MilesWeb provides its managed cloud hosting users an application to monitor server usage and other resources. Resource monitoring is one of the best features of cloud technology. It allows users to keep track of the requirements of their website(s) and applications. With this, the users can plan their website’s configurations accordingly.

Enterprise-Grade Servers

Cloud hosting servers of MilesWeb utilize the latest Intel Xeon processors and, of course, the fast and highly redundant SSD storage. The hardware that builds these servers is nothing less of enterprise grade.

It will support any software with its high-spec technical infrastructure. It is perfect for hosting business websites that have to handle heavy web traffic and online operations. 

Technical Support

MilesWeb offers customer support via online chats, email and ticket system. The support is active 24/7 and has fast availability. There are no long queues or waiting periods to get to interact with an executive.

The tech executives of MilesWeb seem to be highly trained individuals who know the ins and outs of the services. They can quickly assess your problem and resolve it for you.

Fully Managed Hosting

Server Setup

The technical team of MilesWeb will take care of the server setup for your hosting. They will migrate your website(s) and configure server settings so that you can freely run your web applications with no interruptions.

Fine Tuning

Cloud hosting allows users to scale the resource allocation for their website(s) or applications. However, monitoring and scaling the resources is diligent work that users often tend to ignore. With managed hosting, MilesWeb will fine-tune the resource allocation for your hosting in real-time to assure the smooth performance of your website(s). You do not have to lift a finger to scale the resource consumption as the provider assesses the condition of your website all the time.

Application Installation and Management

MilesWeb will take over the setting up of firewalls and other essential software for your hosting. They also regularly install vital updates for the operating system, Kernel and security patches. They even upgrade essential applications like CMS and configure the settings of the hosting to make it compatible with your website(s).


MilesWeb offers standard cloud hosting services at affordable rates. Their managed cloud hosting services have a subscription-based billing system that is an offset of a regular cloud service. However, you do not have to worry about the management and maintenance of the hosting that would normally require you to hire an in-house expert is a major advantage. 

MilesWeb’s managed cloud hosting is a better choice for hosting business websites with the perspective of its cost-effectiveness. 

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