Is AUXITO a Good Brand For Automotive LED Lighting?

Is AUXITO a Good Brand For Automotive LED Lighting

Nowadays, automotive LED lighting has formed a frenzied trend in the bulb market due to its higher lumen count, longer lifespan, and better beam pattern. However, A diverse range of LED light brands is currently flooding the market, so when you’re shopping for LED headlights in various online auto light stores or marketplaces, there’s maybe an AUXITO brand appearing in your field of vision.


Is AUXITO a Good Brand?


Founded in 2016, AUXITO is a top specialty-application automotive lighting manufacturer on multiple platforms. We specialize in providing high-performance LED bulbs for Cars’, SUVs’, Trucks’, motorcycles’ forwarding lights, and exterior and interior lights. We have been making LED lights closer to the same beam pattern as the original halogen lights for years, almost 1:1.

AUXITO is a reliable and excellent brand that aimed to use science and technology to produce high-quality but budget-friendly products for customers, and once occupied the No.1 position in the top ten best LED automotive lighting markets.

Is AUXITO a Good Brand

What do other editors say about AUXITO LED Lights?

“AUXITO claims the outputs for each bulb are up to 100 watts and the lumen counts are 24,000, making it become one of the brightest bulbs on the market (bright enough for everyday use in my opinion). Their high-end versions include 12,000 RPM cooling fans to deal with the heat, and all models are rated for between 30,000 and 50,000 hours (30 years); AUXITO also says the company models its LED bulbs to simulate a halogen output pattern with a sharp cutoff, meaning you should get the same beam spread from the headlamp housing. This solves a common problem with poorly designed LED bulbs, which can actually provide less light on the road where you need it than a traditional bulb that dims.”

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The best LED headlights In 2022: “The dual-beam light bulb features both near-light and high-beam lights, so this single-light bulb must consistently perform well over time. Using the AUXITO LED headlight bulbs, users can believe that they will use these headlight bulbs for at least 30,000 hours of improved heat dissipation. This is thanks to an integrated aluminum radiator and a cooling fan”.


Reviews from car’s owner

  • “Wow what a difference these LED bulbs make. Bright, no hot spots. They are everything you want in lighting up your drive at night. Reflective signs light up from a long way off, people and objects are visible even on the darkest roads and the coverage of the sides of the road is superb. If you make just one modification to your car or truck for safety make it these headlights”.

Review on AUXITO H11 LED Bulb for Headlights 100W 20000lm Brightest 6000K Cool White.

  • “These are great lights super easy to install no flicker issues and bright enough to see deer about a quarter of a mile up the road. I drive 60 miles home at 130 in the morning through nothing but farmland and these lights make me feel more comfortable making the drive”.

Review on 9005 HB3 LED Bulb Forward High Beam Mini-sized CanBus Ready 80W 16,000LM.


In terms of product quality, customer experience, and market evaluation, AUXITO is a brand worthy of being trusted and chosen. Choosing a good pair of LED light bulbs is critical to your car and to yourself, go to AUXITO’s site to pick the best one and check more details.

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