Important factors before buying Huawei watch

Important factors before buying Huawei watch

Welcome to another blurb of huawei, our focus will be on buy the watch. You all what huawei watch 3 comes in one of two sizes that you can go for this particular size is the 42 millimeter if you want something which is wider you can opt to go with the 46 millimeter but for reference my wrist is just over six and a half inches and it fits incredibly comfortably on my wrist that’s down to two reasons number one are the lugs which are the ends that stick out from the watch they are tapered so it gives a much more compact feel on the wrist and you can buy the watch according to your comfort.


The other important factor to buy the watch is the display it’s got a round display it’s a 1.2 inch AMOLED display and that display is special for a number of reasons to begin with the design gives you a minimal design with a bezels vision and one of the things that you’ll notice is that full screen with a borderless design it basically looks like an all-in-one 3d glass surface and that gives you a much wider look and feel now the other thing is that display works pretty well in sunlight or very sunny conditions particularly if you’re out and about you should have no problems with viewing that display.

Other Features

The Huawei watch 3 is powered by very own Kirin A1 chipset and that includes some intelligent power saving technology now that power saving technology has its advantages because on something like a 42 millimeter in terms of battery life on a full single charge you’re going to get between five and seven days’ worth of battery life which is pretty incredible and that is depending on usage how much you use it and also on that display what you’ve got running on that display and how bright it is now on the back you’ll notice that there are three different sensors so you have a true scene sensor for the heart rate monitoring true relaxed which is for the stress levels and you can set this up.

There is a short questionnaire regarding buy the watch that helps set it up and then will monitor your stress throughout the day and then finally a true sleep sensor for sleep monitoring internally it’s got two gigabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of storage out of which you’re going to get about 2.2 gigabytes of usable space and that’s enough to hold around about 500 songs now as far as the operating system or these software used on the wall we want huawei watch 3 it essentially runs on Wally’s own light voice which is really easy and practical to use.


you can head on down to your local huawei store to buy the watch all will you’ll be able to try these out before you buy and if you want to pick up one of the newer Huawei 330 pros in an 8 gigabyte version with 128 gigabytes of storage those available in those new colors mystic blue or misty lavender then you can pick those up and there’ll be more information available on our website.

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