How You Can Get an Affordable Data Only Plan in Singapore

How You Can Get an Affordable Data Only Plan in Singapore

If you are a heavy mobile data user, you most likely are already looking at data-only plans. An affordable data only plan in Singapore can still cost a bit of money, especially if you go with one of the major operators. Because large operators have the majority of the market, they compete mostly with each other and have no true motivation to lower prices. If you want to get a good deal, you need to look elsewhere.

Smaller Operators May Offer a Solution

If affordability is your main goal, smaller operators could be right up your alley. Just because they have a smaller market share does not mean that they offer a poorer service. On the contrary. They are trying to attract new customers and increase their market share by being extremely competitive and offering affordable plans.

What Affordable Means For Data Only Plans

An affordable data only plan in Singapore can mean several things. First of all, you can get it on a prepaid plan. You can expect to pay around S$20 for an unlimited data package. Which includes 4G or 5G data.

Another option is to get a stand-alone data-only plan. These plans are considered base plans that have little if any talk time and some SMS traffic. What they have is a lot of data traffic. This means that you will probably have to get a contract for such a subscription. You should expect to pay S$20 or more for such a plan.

Your last option for an affordable data only plan in Singapore is to get it in the form of an add-on package to a base plan. This option gives you a bit of flexibility. You start with a base plan that has some data, voice, and SMS traffic which is your fixed monthly cost for the duration of the contract on top of which you can add a data-only plan which just adds more traffic to your subscription. These types of add-ons to a base plan can be canceled at any time which means that when you no longer need them, you no longer have to pay for them.

Things to Take Note

If you want just data traffic, keep in mind that you have multiple packages to choose from. You can get anywhere between 5GB to unlimited. It depends on how much you are willing to pay for extra data traffic. The most savings you can make is if you know your usage patterns and how much traffic you usually require throughout the month. For example, you can get a 100 GB package that offers the most value and see if that is enough for you.

Things to Take Note

One thing you should keep in mind is that some data-only plans do not completely cut off your internet access once your data traffic allowance is exhausted. What they do is offer the included traffic at 4G or 5G speeds and once you run out of data, they limit your transfer speeds. You will notice your internet becoming slower. When that happens, you can always get more traffic at high speeds if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars.

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