How to Work in IT Without a Degree

How to Work in IT Without a Degree

According to the BLS, jobs in the IT sector will grow at a rate of 13% per year until 2030. That’s much faster than most other occupations.

So, if you’re fresh out of high school or planning a career change, you’re probably wondering, ‘Can you get an IT job without a degree?’ right now.

Yes, you can. Many IT jobs don’t require a two- or four-year degree. Check out these top no-degree IT jobs.


Enterprise Architect

When you work as an enterprise architect, you can earn as much as $82,000 annually, without a degree.

Your daily tasks would revolve around maintaining an organization’s IT services and networks. You’re responsible for upgrading and improving every aspect of the businesses’ hardware, software and ensuring they run smoothly.

Apart from certification, you need strong leadership, negotiating, communication, and decision-making skills to succeed in this line of work.

Find out more in this guide to enterprise architecture.

Computer Support Specialist

These employees help with monitoring business IT networks and help troubleshoot computer problems.

You can work either remotely or in-house in this profession. A remote IT support specialist assists users either telephonically or via screen sharing.

They also work with their customer to help install software and educate them on how to use it. From time to time, they might also perform computer and software repairs.

To qualify for these jobs, all you need is some experience in these areas, but knowledge of operating systems and coding languages is a bonus. You can earn around $36,000 per year in this job.

Help Desk Analyst

Help desk analysts assist end-users over the phone or via email. They keep track of common computer errors and help users find solutions for quick resolution of these issues.

Often their tasks involve collaborating with IT support staff and senior staff to implement complex installations and solutions.

You can work as a help desk analyst in any industry, from security systems to software. These entry-level IT jobs provide on-the-job training, and you can earn $46,000 annually in this field.

Web Developer

Many web developers have college degrees, but you can also get into this line of work by achieving online or in-house certifications.

As an entry-level web developer, you work with designers, copywriters, and marketers to create web pages for your customers. You can work as a freelance web developer, or get a job with businesses in any industry.

More advanced web development work involves fine-tuning the back-end operations of websites.

Web developers can earn as much as $72,000 per year once they’ve gained experience and built up a portfolio of work.

Beyond No-Degree IT Jobs

Are you skeptical about securing IT jobs without a degree? You can choose from a wide variety of specialized degrees at colleges across the nation.

If you’re short on cash to pay for an education, these no-degree IT jobs are a great way to earn experience while studying part-time. So, they’re a good option if you’re a tech-minded person.

Do you love everything to do with technology? Browser our blog for more information on the best innovations in this field.

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