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How to Protect Your Home and Your Health From Wildfire Smoke

How to Protect Your Home and Your Health From Wildfire Smoke

Did you know that wildfires burn millions of acres of land in the United States every single year? Chances are, you will suffer from wildfire smoke at some point in your life, especially if you move around the country.

Have you ever wondered how you can ensure that your household stays healthy in the aftermath of a fire? Here are some tips for home protection so you can get back to breathing clean air in no time.


Mask Up

If possible, you should wear masks while you are outside your home. You can look at your smartphone or many different websites to determine what the air quality is like before you leave.

Your local authorities may recommend staying inside as much as possible, but you can wear a mask if you absolutely need to go outside. A NIOSH-approved mask, such as an N95, is best to filter out even the smallest smoke and ash particles.

Get Additional Air Filters

You should take additional measures in order to keep the air as clean as possible. Although it is not a good idea to put extra filters in your regular HVAC system, you can still do other things to purify the air.

Plan ahead and buy some portable air filters. You need to ensure that they have HEPA filters as well as carbon filters. Put them in areas that have children, elderly residents, or people with lung and heart conditions.

Close Your Windows

Although it may seem tempting to open up your windows to let fresh air in, you should not do so until the air quality outdoors is better. This could cause your filters and HVAC systems to work harder than they need to when they keep your air clean.

If you want cooler air in the house, consider using your air conditioning system or fans. Read more here about how you can maintain your indoor air quality while still staying cool and comfortable.

Avoid Outdoors Until Permitted

Overall, you should not go outside until local authorities tell you that it is safe. Even if the air feels fine to you, it may still contain harmful particles that could cause lung damage.

Make sure to keep extra masks in your car in case you run into areas with more debris. This way, you can always protect yourself from hazardous materials.

Learn About Home Protection Today

If you live in an area where wildfires are common, you should have a plan for home protection in case of wildfire smoke. With these tips, you can inform your family and be prepared next time there is a fire in your region.

Would you like to learn more about all of the ways that you can take care of your home and your health? Check out our site for more tips and tricks so you can stay informed about any natural disaster.

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