How to Obtain the Elden Ring and Finish Boc’s Questline

How to Obtain the Elden Ring and Finish Boc's Questline

One of the unfortunate non-playable characters in Elden Ring is Boc the Seamster. Here is how the quest can be finished and the ability to alter armor unlocked.

Due to the fact that he is concealed in plain view, it is possible that a significant number of players will never meet the Elden Ring NPC Boc. This is a character who stays by your side throughout the entirety of the game and provides you with a new, albeit unimportant, feature whenever you visit a Site of Grace. You will have the ability to modify the outward appearance of your armor with his assistance.

Boc is a demi-human who communicates in English and has one goal in life: to effortlessly sew armor like his mother did. This guide will explain where to look for Boc and how to move forward with his side quest.

Updated on the 7th of June, 2022:This article has been updated to include a content walkthrough on how to finish Boc’s quest in Elden Ring, and the update can be found here.

  • Discover where the Talking Bush is
  • Exhaust yourself in the woods
  • Boc’s dialogue

In the beginning area of Elden Ring in Limgrave is where you will find Boc. You will need to travel to the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in order to find him. You should proceed to the location depicted by the red circle in the main photo, which is an area filled with trees and bushes. Make your way through the underbrush until you start to pick up on someone’s voice. This is supposedly being said by a shrub that can talk. If you are participating in the game online, you will likely come across a number of messages that refer to a friend as the location of a clue.

Either launch an assault or hide in the nearby bushes; this is the choice before you. It will explode into a cloud of smoke, and Boc will materialize out of it. He will express his gratitude to you for removing the curse and will present you with ten mushrooms. The gift is not particularly impressive, but he assures you that he will shower you with more once he has returned to the cave from which he was expelled. Now is the time to take a break at a Site of Grace so that he will leave you alone and then proceed to the cave.

  • ClearThe Cave Along the Coast
  • Beat demi-human bosses
  • Exhaust Boc’s dialogue

Coastal Cave is the name of the particular cavern in question. The most efficient way to get there is to begin at the very first Site of Grace, which is called The First Step. You can get a better understanding of how to get to the shoreline by following the series of photos that are located up above.

You should basically head to the West until you reach the edge of the cliff, at which point you should look for slated ruins at the base of the cliff. Once you locate it, keep moving to the right along the cliffside until you reach an area where the cliff is angled downward at a lower level. If you try to jump down as soon as you see it, you are going to break your ankles and possibly die.

You have successfully arrived at the beaches of Limgrave once you have dropped onto the ruins. From this location, continue running along the cliff wall until you reach a cave. The cave can be found to the north of a small underpass, where a trader is located.

Coastal Cave can be found here. Once inside, you will find a wounded Boc who will advise you to leave immediately or else you will suffer the same fate as him. The cave is inhabited by demi-human foes, and at the end of the cave is a boss fight against two enormous demi-humans and their minions. It is possible that a companion or a summoned creature will relieve some of the pressure placed on you as you begin your adventure. If you’re coming back to finish off some extra quests, you won’t have to worry about this fight at all.

After you have defeated the bosses, you will receive a tailoring needle as a reward. If you give this to Boc, he will be thankful for it. This grants him the ability to begin modifying your garments at a Site of Grace for a cost of approximately 500 Elden Ring runes per item.

Have a conversation with Boc at Sites of Grace.

After completing the Coastal Cave, Boc can be found at one of several different Sites of Grace. The exact location of Boc’s appearance depends on how far you’ve progressed through the map before finding him.

East Cliffs Raya that Facing the Lake

junction of the Lucaria Gate and the Atlus Highway in the east capital rampart

After he has rested, he should be located at the location that is the furthest away from the others that you have found. Having a conversation with him is required in order to access the menu for the Alter Garments option. This function, more than any other, is primarily responsible for removing capes from armor. You also have the option of accessing this menu by pausing at a grace. To be able to alter garments, it is not necessary for Boc to be present.

East Cliffs Raya that Facing the Lake

Remembering these locations is only necessary for later on in the quest, when you continue on with him.

  • Find the needle with the golden tip
  • Acquire golden needleTalk to Boc about it
  • Invest in legendary pieces of armor
  • Exhaust Boc’s dialogue

It is necessary for you to locate a golden tailoring needle and to have cleared the dungeon at the Raya Lucaria Academy in order to proceed with Boc’s questline. In the city of Liurnia of the Lakes, the chest containing the golden needle is located inside of a church. On a hill on the right bank of the Liurnia lake sits this religious structure known as the Church of Vows. The nearby Sites of Grace include Ruined Labyrinth to the north, Eastern Tablehand to the east, and Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore to the south of the church. A large priest turtle can be found inside the Church of Vows. This turtle will barter with you and sell you various spells and incantations. Be very careful not to go into the church at night, as that is when the boss will appear. The golden needle will be located inside of a treasure chest that will be located inside of the church.

Following this, a new conversation choice with Boc will become available to you. If you give him the golden needle, he will remark that in order to use the needle, legendary armor is required.

It is necessary to make a purchase from Enia, the finger reader located at Roundhold Table, in order to acquire legendary boss armor. After you have defeated Godrick in the Roundhold, Enia will appear in a room that was previously locked.

After you have vanquished a God and obtained their Remembrance, the armor and other Elden Ring items that they drop will be added to Enia’s shop. Now, Boc won’t be able to modify the appearance of every piece of boss armor. If you want to err on the side of caution, you should buy a piece of armor that has a cape, such as Radahn’s chest piece. After that, go back to Boc, and you’ll find that you have new conversational choices available to you.

BocThe Finishing of the Seamster

In Boc’s questline, you have reached a point where you need to be extra cautious so that you do not make a mistake. Boc asserts that he is ugly and aspires to have human features in order to fit in. He has gained the knowledge that Queen Rennala is an expert in rebirthing people, and he intends to visit her.

You have the option of either giving Boc a precious Larval Tear, which will cause him to travel to Rennala and be reborn as a human, calling him beautiful, which will cause him to remain where he is, or doing nothing at all.

Give Boc (Boc)The Tear of the Larvae

Larval Tears are an extremely valuable resource that are required in order to respec your character with Queen Rennala. If you recall from her quest, the rebirthing process is perfected by combining the Larval Tear with Rennala’s Great Rune. You can do this by combining the two items in the inventory. The Great Rune is unavailable to Boc at this time. If you send Boc to Rennala, you will be able to find him in human form in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library if you go there after he has returned from Rennala.

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