How to Defeat the Guardian Golem on the Elden Ring Highroad: A Cave Guide

Despite the fact that it is teeming with hostile creatures, the Highroad Cave in PC Elden Ring Runes for sale is a location where you can pillage fairly early on in the game. As you get closer to the end of the dungeon, you’ll have to deal with a Guardian Golem, which will put your skills to the ultimate test.

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Early in your game’s progression, a visit to the cave is highly recommended in order to obtain Smithing Stones, which can be used to upgrade your armaments. There are also plenty of crafting materials to be found in the cave.

You are unlikely to come across the cave by chance because it is tucked away in a secluded location. Those who do, on the other hand, will be in for a real shock. Despite the fact that you’ll have more enemies to contend with once you’ve entered the cave, you’ll find Elden Ring Best Armor Sets Locations to be surprisingly pleasing to the eye once you’ve completed your mission there.

Cave Moss and other items from the Highroad Cave

  • Arteria Leaf Land Octopus Ovary Arteria Leaf Cave Moss Arteria Leaf Land Octopus OvaryStones for smithing that have golden runes on them
  • Using Silver Fireflies, you can treat Furlcalling Fingers
  • Charm featuring the Shamshir Curved Sword and the Blue DancerStep-by-step instructions on how to navigate Highroad Cave
  • Arrow

The Highroad Cave, which can be found in Limgrave, is a must-see attraction. From the Saintsbridge Site of Grace, head slightly south and use the Spirit Spring to cause Torrent to leap over the Land Octopus’ enemies and into the air, allowing him to escape capture. Using the map below as a guide, you will discover that the cave is located on the left bank of the river, just before it comes to a complete stop.

As soon as you’ve acquired the Site of Grace, you’ll need to descend into the tunnels by platforming your way down. If you look to your right, you will see the first platform, where you will find some Cave Moss that you can collect. Considering that the tunnels are quite dark, you may want to bring a lantern along with you.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the cave, continue on your journey through it. You’re about to fall into a pit, and there will be wolves lurking around the edges, which you’ll have to dispatch before it’s too late.

On the other side of the pit, there is a slope that you should use in order to get to your destination; you should take this slope now. Be aware that there are more wolves ahead of you, including one that is guarding a Golden Rune, and that you should proceed cautiously.

Return to the pit you were in earlier, and look down to see if there are any additional platforms you’ll need to descend to complete the task at hand. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll have the option of choosing between two different ways to descend. You’ll come across a dead end with a small amount of Cave Moss on the left side of the path. You will be able to descend once more on the right side of the screen, but you will be forced to fight even more wolves.

As previously stated, there are two additional routes that are connected to one another, so it isn’t critical which one you choose at this Elden Ring Runes PS for sale. There will be more wolves to kill this year, as well as some Arteria Leaf and more Cave Moss to remove from the surrounding landscape.

Turn around and head to the right once more to find one of ‘s more beautiful caves, which is located around the corner. Among the many features of this area are a waterfall, massive pillars, and an abundant colony of vampire bats. Continue to the left until you are able to drop down, and then clear out the flying enemies on your way down. There is a corpse nearby from which you can steal Smithing Stone (1) if you so desire. It is located along a path.

Drop into the waterfall and make a left at the bottom to continue your journey. In addition to the other creatures, there will be four more bats, as well as land octopuses and another corpse with a Smithing Stone, among other things. More octopuses and a Golden Rune can be found further ahead if you choose to look.

Backtrack to where you started and hop down to the gap in the waterfall – make sure to sprint jump across the gap in the waterfall.

You can loot the Shamshir curved sword from a corpse up ahead, but proceed with caution as there are bats in the area to contend with.

From here, first make your way to the left along the broken pillars until you reach the end of the path. Look out for land octopuses once more, and there will be space at the very top of this list. On entering the room, you will be confronted by an octopus that will descend from the ceiling, and you will need to defeat it in order to be able to enter the tunnel that is hidden behind him.

Afterwards, proceed through the small tunnel to the right that had been obscured by the land octopus in order to collect the Furlcalling Finger Remedy that was hidden there. Continue straight ahead and take a quick dip in the waterfall to cool off in the heat. As you enter the room ahead, you’ll find plenty of Silver Fireflies to collect, in addition to the yellow mist you’ll have to navigate through in order to fight the Guardian Golem.

Combating the Cave Guardian Golem on the Highroad: What You Need to Know

The Cave Guardian Golem on the Highroad is no different from the other Cave Guardian Golems that you may have encountered previously. This one’s primary weapon of choice is an axe, and it relies on this weapon for the majority of its attacks as well.

Using its axe in alternating directions across the room is one of the golem’s most frequently used maneuvers, and  is one of its most effective attacks. In order to avoid becoming entangled in this boss’s sweeps and attacks, you’ll need to keep a close eye out for him, especially given the small size of the arena. Unless you do, they will undoubtedly take a significant toll on your health bar.

It will perform multiple ground slams with its axe, this time causing shockwaves to travel through the floor, this time with its axe, and it will do so multiple times throughout the room. Set up a safe distance between yourself and the golems in order to avoid being attacked, or dodge them if you’re feeling particularly courageous.

When the golem uses the axe to perform an overhead slam on the opponent,  is the most devastating of the axe attacks.- It is possible to attack while the golem slowly raises their axe; however, this type of slam generates the most powerful shockwave, so make sure you are at the far edge of the arena before this occurs.

The golem also has the ability to exhale flames, which is an added bonus. A similar attack to this one can be found in the Erdtree Burial Watchdog’s fire breathing attack, which can be found in Stormfoot Catacombs and Impaler’s Catacombs, as well as the Erdtree Burial Watchdog’s fire breathing attack. The area of effect (AoE) of the golems, on the other hand, is considerably larger.

Run away from the fire breathing attack until it has finished in order to avoid being hit by  later. The fact that it is not the most devastating environmental attack means that if you are hit by one, buy Elden Ring runes won’t spell the end of civilization.

Once you’ve defeated the Guardian Golem and taken the Blue Dancer Charm from them, they’ll drop the charm for you. As long as your equipment load is low, this talisman will increase your attack power, which is pretty cool if you’re just walking around in your underwear, I suppose.

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