How I Canceled My Membership With Vidanta

How I Canceled My Membership With Vidanta

Are you bound to pay for a Vidanta membership that you don’t want any longer? Well don’t worry because you’re not the only one who falls into this category. It’s easy to get fooled by a sales pitch when you’re dreaming about having a magnificent timeshare in Mexico. Just like you, over 85% of all vidanta membership owners including me discover that what they signed up for is not what they expected. If you’re not careful, canceling the membership might be a nightmare.

When it comes to membership, you can’t just walk away from the countless scams and lies that exist in the sector. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place! I have a comprehensive analysis of Vidanta Resorts. I have a lot of suggestions on how to cancel a Vidanta membership contract. The best one being timeshare exit companies. So, let’s see how I did it and how you can do the same too.

In this article I will cover the exact topic; how to get rid of vidanta timeshare or membership, using the best way. So without any further delay let us dive right into the article.

Firstly, you must always read the fine print, no matter how appealing the membership may appear. But if you didn’t and the 5-day cancellation time is over, no worries, because I am going to share my experience of how I canceled my vidanta membership and how you can do the same as well.


How I Canceled My Membership With Vidanta?

Ordinary people would expect a resort developer with a huge name like Grupo Vidanta to have some form of “buy-back” program. Sadly, this does not appear to be happening. And the salesperson promising about the Vidanta repurchasing memberships is all a lie too, unfortunately.

The Recession Of Vidanta Membership

When I was looking for ways to cancel my vidanta membership I came across these tips. I was told that if I recently purchased a Vidanta membership, my best bet is to exercise my entitlement to cancel the contract. We can terminate our membership contract 3-14 days after purchasing under rescinding legislation. The rescission periods in Mexico last 3-5 days. , so I had to do this quickly to receive a full refund, but my time period for rescission was already over so I had to look for some other options.

Reselling vidanta membership

Then I came across the idea of selling my vidanta membership. This is a fairly normal backup plan for owners who did not qualify for rescission. Most people try to sell Vidanta membership weeks, while some want to sell the full membership. While certain Vidanta membership does well on the secondary market. Unfortunately, a large number of them do not. Because there is no formal resale market for membership, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. There have also been numerous reports of Vidanta membership reselling frauds. So be careful with this. Overall, We can say that selling Vidanta membership, or any membership is quite difficult.

Using a Timeshare Exit Company for Legally Cancelling My Vidanta Membership

So I was not able to get the recession and failed in selling my membership through the resellers market. And then I discovered the best option which was to go for a trusted timeshare exit company. And this way I was able to legally cancel my Vidanta membership without any issues.

The best  approach to cancel a Vidanta Resorts membership is undoubtedly, to Hire experienced and trusted companies like LinxLegal to get out of a Vidanta membership.

Vidanta membership can be canceled easily with A reliable membership exit business.

I had signed a legally binding contract that could last my entire life. The most effective approach to break out of a Vidanta contract is to do it legally. I thought, what could be better than hiring a team of membership professionals to work tirelessly on my case? An experienced team of professionals, assisted by competent timeshare attorneys, right? And this is usually the best option to go for if you are past the 5-day cancellation time but you want to cancel your Vidanta membership. However, beware of scams.

Beware of Membership Cancellation Scams

Just because a company claims to deal with attorneys does not guarantee that it will be completely safe from an escape scam. You still have to avoid anyone who wants to charge me upfront without providing some form of guarantee. And this is why I would only recommend membership exit firms like Linx Legal. Because these are verified and trusted companies with many satisfied customers.  So, always go for the Membership exit companies that offer an escrow payment option to keep you safe from membership exit fraud.

Wrapping Up

Overall, do not be concerned about a Vidanta timeshare cancellation because you have awesome options like timeshare exit companies. These companies will handle this case for you and you won’t have to worry about anything. However, just like I mentioned earlier, beware of scams. Only go for a well-trusted exit company. And do your complete research before you make any payments.

We hope that you found our article helpful and with Linx Legal you’ll be able easily cancel your Vidanta membership. I am hoping the tips would be useful to you just like they were for me. Goodluck!

Arnold Bloom

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