How Do You Check Eligibility for a TSS Visa?

How Do You Check Eligibility for a TSS Visa

Having created over 70,700 new employment opportunities just in March 2021, Australia has enormous potential. According to the United Nations, it is one of the top ten countries that draw immigrants from all over the world. Meanwhile, you may be researching your Visa choices if you intend to migrate to Australia. And the TSS visa, or temporary skill shortage visa, is one of the most popular. It is an attractive choice for workers who want to stay in Australia because it also provides a path to permanent residency.

Continue reading to learn if you qualify for this visa.

What Is the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa?

The Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa is issued to a foreign individual who wishes to work in Australia and is sponsored by an Australian firm.

The temporary skill shortage visa has three streams: a short-term stream, a medium-term stream, and an extraordinary Labour Agreement stream.

Those who qualify for the short-term stream can work for up to two years in any Australian state or territory. Those who are given a medium-term stream visa, on the other hand, can stay for up to four years.

Meanwhile, if any candidate is sponsored by an Australian business and if the company has a labour agreement with the Australian government, the person is eligible for the labour agreement stream. They must show that no one in the Australian labour market has the skills required for employment and that no standard visa programmes are available for the purpose.

What Age Should You Be?

There is no upper age limit for applying for this type of visa. And if you are the lead applicant, you must have at least two years of post-qualification job experience. Meanwhile, the members of your family, such as your partner and kids, can be co-applicants.

Have You Followed the Terms of Your Current Visa?

You must have a relevant visa to apply from within Australia, such as a substantive visa or a bridging visa A, B, or C. Meanwhile, one of the most prevalent reasons for a TSS application being denied is the applicant’s failure to adhere to visa requirements, for example, failing to submit proof of employment in the nominated position.

Has Your Employer Nominated You?

In order to apply for TSS, your employer must submit a nomination to the Department of Home Affairs. You won’t be able to apply until this step is completed. So, check to see if your employer is or has sought to be a government-approved sponsor. Your employer must nominate you for a medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List position with the appropriate code. And you may be juggling two roles at the same time; in that situation, your company must define how much time each function takes up during your workday. Another reason for rejection is an incorrect nomination.

Does the Nominating Company Already Employ You?

You can work for an associated entity of the business if you already work for the employer who nominated you and are in Australia. If you work abroad, however, you must not be hired by a related firm. And in both circumstances, you must be employed solely in your specified occupation. Meanwhile, in extreme cases, exceptions are made. But, have you worked for at least two years in the occupation for which you’ve been nominated or in a comparable field?

At least two years of relevant work experience in the specified occupation or related subject is necessary. And all relevant employment references should be kept on hand. You may also submit documentation of relevant experience if it is part of your Masters or PhD requirements.

Do You Have Proof That You Have the Necessary Skill?

The TSS visa is for positions that locals cannot fill. But, before resorting to hiring you, your business must demonstrate that they followed the proper procedure to try to fill the job locally.

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