Here Comes OBI Dweller Camper Review: 2022

Here Comes OBI Dweller Camper Review

The Dweller introduces 21st-century technology to camping, equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes camping simple and more enjoyable for every family looking to get away from city life and enjoy the outdoors.

The contemporary interior design makes elegant look like an understatement. It features the unique “in the bunk” technology. The air conditioner is underneath the mattress, keeping things cool inside during hot days or raising the temperature to stay cool at night.

It allows you and your family to be separated from the typically paved campsites and use similar amenities to create more of an off-grid, dispersed experience.


An impressive built-in feature of the OBI Dweller Camper:

Off-road people enthusiastic about their dweller trailer would be the wise choice for the most extended camping adventure.

Most camper users revealed that OBI is especially suitable for Australian or American off-road tracks. But its built-in feature is made from Arizona, and the builder believes it can pull off any off-road camps.

Its design has an average size that is not too big or not even compact; it’s called a perfect family functional trailer.

Ample bedding space for the full-size family:

The latest off-road ROA version comes with bunkers with exclusive five-person bedding options. The bed size is king-sized and cozy during the outdoors for all.

The double bunk can transform into a bed for your children to live comfortably when traveling. A total of 5-6 people in your family can comfortably spend twenty or more nights in this sleeper.

The trailer produces a serviceable layout during tracking:

One of the most common mistakes trailer manufacturers make is to build trailers that include all the features but are not laid out well. It can be depressing in a long way since there is nothing that you have expected it to be. But in the obi dweller camper review, you will find nothing like that.

The design of the trailer makes use of space to the fullest extent. It was designed so that the bed is the length of the camper, giving the most incredible amount of space the trailer can offer. The same is true for the shower, too.

Extended water cans, no need to carry drums:

Water is an excellent source of drinking water for washing dishes while camping and even showering. If we are traveling on a long drive, we will require lots of water. Often, this involves the use of jerry cans.

With the addition of a tank for freshwater, a 31-gallon 21-gallon city water tank, and a gray water tank 21-gallon, the jerry cans aren’t required for trailers being towed.

Great to expand the overall trailer space:

To make the trailer as compact when it is in use, the team at OBi has added an expanded pop-top roof. When you reach camp, roll up the top, and instantly you’ll have more headroom, allowing you to stand straight and get around the trailer comfortably.

It also indicates that the trailer is designed with care and can provide all the comforts and comfort in an area that can only be used on rough roads.

Has enough power storage and is suitable for all weather conditions:

One of the biggest challenges that we face when we are far from our home for weeks or days is being able to power all of our electronic devices.

An inverter that is 2,000 watts with three 100AH batteries and three solar panels of 100 watts can run your electronic devices and the water pump, heater, and other facilities the trailer provides.

Cold or warm weather excursions are not a problem for the Dweller because it comes with AC and heating. The AC unit is under the mattress, while heating is handled through an integrated heater. Outside you’ll be safe from rain and the sun with a 12-foot electrical shade.

Can Two and make it truck size trailer:

Another feature of the OBI traveling trailers is that they are light and easy to tow. The towing

a coupler, which is articulated, ensures it is secure and easy to maneuver through those tight spaces.

The 16-inch tires all-terrain enable you to access the most challenging camping spots. Hot-dipped galvanized chassis helps ensure that your trailer is well-equipped for any trip, whatever the conditions.

Final Thought:

We are all travelers, and we understand that a camper-trailer can bring us a sense of happiness during our trips. That’s why choosing the best built-in trailer from the many possibilities is simple. OBI Camper has reviewed all the most current models of campers with trailers.

Each of them is admirable because of their primary features. What else can be more adventurous than comfortable camping on an off-road tracker? This would be every traveler’s ultimate goal for making their roaming plans.

There is nothing left about obi campers in any OBI dweller camper review. In the end, how do you describe your exciting features from this trailer?

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